Arisun Korean Restaurant has always been famous for its Jya Jang Myeon (Blackbean Noodles) and so every now and then, when the odd craving hits, Arisun pops into mind. However, recently it has come to my delayed attention that its fried chicken is also mind-blowing good!

There are two Arisuns that I have been to; one at Strathfield, and one at Haymarket CBD. The Strathfield one is more traditional in style in terms of the decoration and much smaller but cosier than the City store.

As we went quite late at night, around 9pm-ish, there was basically no one left in the restaurant apart from us...the owners and staff were just lounging on the seats, as if waiting for us to finish :P But the service was friendly and attentive :)

As there are Chinese translations (as well as English & Korean) on the menu in addition to the kanji letters on the wall, it seems as if the owners have a Chinese background. This proved to be true upon eavesdropping on one of the staff speak Chinese to a customer.

Naturally, we ordered the Noodle with Black Bean Sauce ($10) which I believe is actually nicer than the Seafood option.

As the noodles are really long, it is advisable to use the scissors provided to cut it shorter but not too much! M made the mistake of cutting it way too many times that towards the end, we were basically scooping the tiny noodles with our chopsticks with no success...

Now, the Fried Chicken ($30) comes in three options: Normal, Soy and Spicy! From past experience, we have learnt that Soy is usually the best! The proportion size was shocking! I could swear that it was capable of feeding a family of three-four! M and I had to take away 50 per cent, which rarely, bordering on never, happens.

The meat was very succulent and filled with a crunchy coat of sweet marinated flavour! The thing I loved was that it was bite-sized chicken and thus was very easy to eat!

An interesting fact about Arisun is that although it is a Korean Restaurant, the side dishes offered are not as...comprehensive? They provide some basic kimchi and some pickles and radishes. Nothing else fancy really but then again, when you have all that Chicken...who could care less?

Overall, its Black Bean Noodles definitely meets the hype of its reputation and the Fried Chicken is great! However, I do suggest sharing it over more than two people :P

42 The Boulevarde
Strathfield NSW 2135
9744 6363

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