Chocolates Del Mondo

Nothing sounds more exciting than trying out a new dessert eatery! Chocolates Del Mondo, is apparently a new hot spot that has opened at Burwood specialising in desserts of all kind!

The place is quite spacious as there are big booths along the wall as well as smaller tables on the other side available for a quite a few people.

An interesting wall paper sits on one side indicating the main countries that specialise in Chocolate! Overall, a cosy warm place to head to for dessert at night with close friends :)

The first thing M & I encounter is an overwhelming glass display of colourful and mouth-watering delicacies! I just wanted to sit down and have a bite of every single cake or tart or pie on display! 

The tiramisu and all the other chocolatey looking cakes looked so very tempting!

The Choc Panna Cotta and the Choc Tart looked very delicious as well!!! I just had to take these pictures because we were not planning on ordering cake for the night!

Tonight, I had a sudden craving for Churros and as San Churros was a little too far away, we decided to give this place a go! The menu is so extensive with yummy options that we had to hastily order the Long Stick Churros ($14.95) before informing the person who was serving us over the counter that we would have to bring the menu back to the table to contemplate on our second option :P

Compared to Max Brenner, Del Mondo is a little more expensive as you can tell! But as I glanced at the tables near us, all the desserts came with amazingly beautiful presentations and the proportions were decent in size too!

To my surprise, the Churros were amazing! Pretty much the same as San Churros! It was crunchy to perfection and the melted chocolate fondue was deliriously breathtaking. Even though I had already demolished my Churros, I continued to eat from the chocolate...which was such a dangerous act...but god was it good!

We finally decided that the Volcanic Chocolate Eruption ($11.95) sounded too good to pass by! And indeed, what a sight it was as the waiter placed it on our table. However, the outer edges were a little too hard for my liking and it wasn't until we got to the middle did we taste the hot and soft souffle-like chocolatey textures. And that was amazing. 

On the other hand, the vanilla ice cream was not as awesome as it felt like home brand ice cream as opposed to the quality creamy ones you'd expect with a dessert like this.

On the whole, Del Mondo is definitely a place worth checking out as their wide array of options will suit any sweet tongue, I am sure! I will return soon enough to perhaps try their cakes or waffles! :)

258 Burwood Road
Burwood NSW

9715 5523

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