Gelato Messina

As I have read countless reviews on Gelato Messina and how it is voted best gelato in Australia, M & I thought we must give it a try! However, the one at Darlinghurst is a little inconvenient for us to get to so we were delighted to see that one had opened at The Star near Pyrmont.

To our disappointment, it was only a gelato bar and unlike the Darlinghurst store, does not have other desserts such as macaroons and cakes...etc. Nevertheless, we were still amazed and greatly overwhelmed by the abundant choices of Gelato flavours in front of us.

Eventually, we resorted to asking the girl behind the counter which flavours she recommended! Interestingly, she suggested we try the Salted Caramel and White Chocolate, to which M and I questionably looked at each other with hesitance...salted as in savoury ice cream? :S But the girl reassured us that it was not as salty as it may seem, so with courage, M and I reached for the sample paddle pop. 10 seconds later, our twisted facial reactions said it all. We were not going to get a scoop of that. Ever.

Finally, we settled with the Gianduia (Chocolate & Hazelnut) and the Mocha Cheescake flavour. 

Unfortunately, we hated both flavours, which came as quite a shock as we had such high anticipations for Messina. The Mocha Cheesecake seemed to leave quite an indescribable unpleasant after taste and consequently, the Chocolate Gianduia did not go down well either. 

Perhaps, we are not quite suited to the fancy likes of Messina Gelato and should instead just stick to our usual Gelato Havens-Movenpick & Gelatissimo :P Nonetheless, I am still keen to try the Messina at Darlinghurst as the pictures on their website detailing its desserts just look too tempting to pass! Surely Messina deserves a second chance :)

As a side note, I wanted to post these pictures of the newly-renovated casino, The Star; previously known as Star City, which looked stunning at night!

Gelato Messina
The Star Store
Cafe Court, Level G
80 Pyrmont Street,
Pyrmont NSW 2009 

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