Kamikaze Teppanyaki

Today, M & I ventured to Darling Harbour Harbourside for Teppanyaki at Kamikaze! 

The restaurant is dominated by bold colours of red, black and bamboo-like structures, which, accompanied by the striking views of Darling Harbour results in a perfect contemporary Japanese Dining Spot!

As we went quite early, there wasn't alot of people inside and so I was able to snap these shots with no one at the tables! :)

As soon as we were seated, we were greeted by a friendly Teppan Chef who kindly asked us if we would prefer to eat only or play a game beforehand. Personally, I am not exactly a fan of all the ridiculous food-chucking fuss that supposedly defines and completes a true Teppanyaki experience, however, reluctantly I agreed as the Chef looked too nice and M seemed eager...

The Chef basically played around with the egg...attempting many times to flick the egg pieces into my mouth (which he insisted I open to my biggest possible extent). Lets just say my feelings about Teppanyaki games has not changed...

M failed miserably too in his attempts...:P

There are many set menu options available for you to choose however as we bought a voucher for this place, we could only try the Macky's Choice; which includes sirloin steak and teppan chicken ($39.95). 

Whilst waiting for him to cook, we were served with Miso Soup and a light salad. The 3-platter sauce are for the meat later on! 

Finally, the Chef has finished cooking!

To my surprise, the proportion size was quite large! The veggies (zucchini, corn, carrot and mushrooms) were cooked beautifully as they were tasty with a moderate crunchy burn on the outer edges. The sirloin steak was cooked medium rare, to our preference and turned out to be absolutely amazing!!! The sauces were great too for dipping the chicken and the meat!


Overall, we were very satisfied with our meals; coming out feeling full and happy that this voucher experience was successful and pleasant! However, I do have to admit, without a voucher discount, Kamikaze is relatively pricey! Nevertheless, the quality of the food is fantastic and the staff are attentive and friendly! I especially loved the interiors of Kamikaze as the colours really stood out and the view of the harbour was just perfect!

Shop 347, Level 2
Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Harbour Sydney
NSW, 2000
5536 8822

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