Noggi Frozen Yogurt

How do I even begin to describe my love for Noggi....the visual below should suffice. Who could possibly resist such beauty.


I feel so lucky that I live near Strathfield and so NOGGI is constantly within my reach-on average, I visit said frozen yogurt heaven 2-3 times a week! 

Apart from its Pure Frozen Yogurt, there are other options on the menu such as Coffee, Waffles, Smoothies and Yogurt Salad...etc. However, I am sure 99% of the population are more interested (and should be) in the Froyo! 

The process of ordering is simple!
Choose your base of frozen yogurt with options ranging from Original, Biscotti, Green Tea and Pomegranate. Follow this with toppings of your choice! :)

The size choices are Mini, Regular, Maxi, Multi, Groupi and Take Away! 
If you come with a big group, you can get these cool massive glass holders which can basically fit all the Froyo flavours plus five toppings!

Their range of toppings is very comprehensive-just name it, and you've got it!

For those healthy eaters, this section covers most of the fruits you can think of that goes well with yogurt; strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, passionfruit, mango, watermelon, lychee...etc.
Personally, I only like strawberry or mango with my Froyo however this is totally subject to your own preferences! 

You can probably also see gummy bears, choc and white choc chips: toppings that I will never understand why people would want with a yogurt substance but oddly enough, people do order them!

Now here you have the interesting stuff! From corn flakes, oreos, tim tams (both milk chocolate and white chocolate) to muesli, coco pops and mochi (rice cakes); the options available are just too overwhelming for many customers I believe. Which in turn leaves me in annoyance as I'm typically always impatiently waiting behind them in line...with my topping order rehearsed in my head way before I had even stepped foot into the store. Naturally. 

When it comes to Noggi, I'm quite a narrow-minded consumer as I only pursue one choice. And that is, the mind-blowing combo of Biscotti Frozen Yogurt with Mochi (sometimes with Strawberry and Mango). 

First of all, I want to underline a crucial point, which came to establishment upon countless visits to Noggi. That is, Biscotti will change. your. LIFE. Some may say it is too sweet. Some complain original is better. Those who are crazy opt for the Green Tea. Speaking with absolutely no bias whatsoever, Biscotti is the BEST.

The flavour of biscotti is a little indescribable so why don't you all just head to Noggi and grab a sample? :P Ultimately, it is a little sweeter than original Froyo with a Biscotti richness that almost makes it seem like ice cream. Just minus the calories. (At least I hope that 98% fat-free claim is true...)

Now, biscotti may be awesome, but without the addition of Mochi (ultra-soft little chewy balls made of rice cake), it just isn't the same. Most of the time, Noggi has the white Mochi but if you are lucky, you get the colourful ones!

Biscotti with Mochi is basically my raison d'ĂȘtre. No exaggeration intended.

Now that I have expressed my subjectivity side of the review, I'm sure there are those who want to hear about the other flavours :P In the picture above, the Noggi to the left is my love and the Noggi to the right is Pomegranate with Strawberry and Mochi. Pom is probably my second favourite (although it can never replace Biscotti) as theres more of a yogurt flavour to it and a light pomegranate tang to its taste! Combined with strawberry is definitely great!

Below is a the Original and Green Tea flavours: Original is just your typical frozen yogurt flavour so I won't delve into that. 

However, I must say, I hated the Green Tea flavour. So much so that M and I dumped it into the bin after a few spoonfuls. Maybe it's because I love green tea ice cream and am used to that taste so that when yogurt is mixed into the scene, it throws me off and does not make me happy at all. Nevertheless, I do see many people order it!

Overall, those are the main flavours, however Noggi does sometimes throw in the occasional new flavour for a limited special time! 

Frozen Yogurt has definitely taken over the Strathfield District and Noggi has became the latest hotspot for many. The picture below was taken around 7pm and that line there means you are very lucky. If you go at 10pm onwards, I sincerely hope you are patient enough to line up for at least 10 minutes!

If you go too late at night to the Strathfield Noggi store, you may find yourself in the shocking yet highly likely position to see that MOCHI HAS SOLD OUT! To avoid disappointment, go in the afternoon :)

Noggi Pure Frozen Yogurt
2/2 Albert Road
Strathfield NSW 2135

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