Palm Breeze Cafe

If you live near the Burwood precinct, you would find that every night, the main road (Burwood Rd) is generally bustling with people who are dining out late with friends at the cafes near Westfield. Palm Breeze's menu looked very tempting and so we decided to check it out!

When we walked in, we were surprised to see how modern the interiors were! The extruding cubes and the silver glow matching the cool blues of the furniture added a futuristic feel to the Cafe, which I quite liked!

There are both seating for indoors and outdoors, with the latter being more popular for some reason. Personally I prefer to be out of the noise and enjoy my food in a nice quiet area :)

The menu will have you going crazy. Absolutely too many choices. One minute I'm set on pasta, then I see they have char grill steak and chicken...but then theres also risotto...dilemma dilemma...

M decided he was going to try out the 300g Beef Tenderloin ($27) which comes with mash potato, steamed vegetables and house baste sauce as well as a choice of your own extra sauce. (Diane, Mushroom, Pepper)

Now, the steak was done well (medium rare) and the Diane sauce was great HOWEVER...on the bad side, we both felt the Steak had lost its original steak flavour and it was slightly too char-grill burned on the edges. M also made sure to comment how dry and unappealing the vegetables looked as it was just steamed....not that he was going to eat it anyway even if it was appealing :P

On the other hand, my order of Schnitzel Parmigiana ($22.90) was quite lovely as I hadn't had parmigiana for a while. The Schnitzel was awfully tender and the chips was crunchy! However, it would have been better if the Napolitana sauce and cheese was spread more evenly on both Schnitzels as my second piece came off a little dry and I had to dip it into M's diane sauce.

We came back later at night for dessert and by then it was 9pm and packed with people! We squished back into a booth and drooled over the extensive list of dessert options in front of us.

At last, we decided on the Cookies and Cream Waffle ($14.90). Looking at the picture below, you are probably thinking wow that looks absolutely amazing. Right? WELL...turns out, the old cliche LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING in this case was definitely the phrase to be used.

When the dish had come out only after five minutes of ordering, I had a sinking bad feeling. Since when do fresh waffles and a display like that come out so fast?

Well the answer is... two scoops of Connoisseur Ice Cream paired with two frozen Waffles. The waffles were bordering on soggy and was absolutely not fresh. Basically, we had paid $15 to eat 2 scoops of Ice Cream. I was so disappointed :(

Overall, both M & I concluded that for a cafe, the food was decent, however the price did not reflect the value fully. A better deal is perhaps available elsewhere for dishes like the steak and dessert.

Nevertheless, I will give Palm Breeze the benefit of the doubt in hoping that perhaps we just ordered the wrong dishes as there are always a lot of people dining here. 

Palm Breeze Cafe
128 Burwood Road 
Burwood NSW 2134
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