Saigon Bowl

Although most may, with no hesitance, attribute the best Pho and Viet Dining Districts to the likes of Bankstown and Flemington: strangely enough, I prefer Saigon Bowl at Strathfield when my cravings get the better of me.

This place seems to always be packed and after trying it out two times previously, I completely understand why.

Personally, I prefer Saigon Bowl over the conventional Viet dining choices due to the high-buzzing energy of this restaurant and the fact that its dishes seem to always be presented in a pleasing manner! The menu is very extensive with plenty of pictures for those who need colourful visuals to stimulate their appetites! (and to fellow Librans who need the extra aid in assisting their decision-making process :P)

Viet entrees from the likes of spring rolls and wonton, to Pho, noodles, rice and DIY dishes; the list is endless! Hence my continual revisiting of Saigon Bowl! 

Today M & I dealt with the struggle in choosing our dishes, before finally resorting to the age-old trick of coin flipping. At last, M settled for the Crispy Chicken with Fried Rice (12.50). The wonderful thing about Saigon Bowl is that you can choose your rice from plain, tomato to fried rice! Although, additional costs will incur! The fried rice is definitely the best option as it gives your rice more flavour and you end up more satisfied with your meal :)

M was all praise about how crispy the skin was on the Chicken, however, I thought it was moderate in terms of the wow-factor. I would definitely recommend the Pork Chop with Fried Rice more as it is by far the best I have had in comparison to the restaurants at Flemington (and I have tried most of them). 

Unfortunately, as M had already chosen a rice dish, I decided to order Pho Thai ($10 for S, $12 for L) instead of Pork Chops. And no. That decision did not come easily. 
I ordered the Large Sized one as I was famished.

In all honesty, I have to admit that I am quite the noob when it comes to distinguishing a good pho to an extraordinary one. Is it terrible to admit that at the end of the day, they all basically, taste, the same to me? Nevertheless, I think the presentation of Saigon Bowls food gives it a bonus on the whole and the meat in this dish was very soft and tender to chew on! 

Really, the bias of my tone in favour of Saigon Bowl could not be any more obvious. However, I do have to point out that Saigon Bowl is a tad bit more expensive than your usual Viet Pho dining spots! Nevertheless, one must take into the account the fact that the eating environment is more comfortable and easy on the eye and the dishes are of quality standards! Of course, I understand, most people reading this would find such point preposterous! Who cares about the interiors and presentation of the food? 
Well, I care. Food that looks good AND tastes good makes my day.

And so I want to emphasise, Saigon Bowl is a worthy spot to try out! Not necessarily for Pho, but maybe one of their many creative dishes (especially the DIY ones, they are a lot of fun!).

Maybe take a browse through their website as they have all the pictures of the menu options available online! Excuse the blurriness of the picture below but I just wanted to further accentuate the extent of options available! 

Saigon Bowl
Vietnamese Restaurant
3 The Boulevarde
Strathfield NSW 2135
9746 7632  Saigon Bowl on Urbanspoon

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