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After what seemed like way too many OMG-we-have-to-go-Campsie-Korean-soon rants, yesterday M & I finally enacted on our plans. It was probably the perfect night to go to Se Joung as it was quite cold and most importantly, we were starving. 

Se Joung is quite a low-key but cosy Korean Restaurant at Campsie, oddly positioned on the ramp leading to Woolworths. Although there is no english name on the shop front, most do know this place to be Se Jong. 

I used to live in this area and thus often, grocery trips to Woolies led to a quick dinner at Se Joung. 

The restaurant is divided into two areas: a general table and chair seating arrangement in addition to a traditional Korean-Styled dining area whereby diners take off their shoes and sit crossing their legs on cushions with low tables. I prefer the traditional style but we were guided to the normal seating that night. Almost everyone is eating BBQ and so the sizzling smells of meat that surrounds you alone, can tantalise your senses to its extremes!

We were so hungry that when the lady brought out the side dishes, we literally dived for it (after I quickly snapped a shot of course!). The potatoes were still warm and so the sweet juicy flavour was particularly appetising. As usual, we demolished the potatoes and my personal favourite, the bean sprouts. The other three veggie sides sadly laid untouched :P

Se Jong, as M will constantly praise, is known reputably for its' Seafood Pancake ($14) and so it is a must-order! When this gigantic golden-yellow plate flashed before us...lets just say I have never seen M so engrossed in his food. Indeed, the batter is fried to a delightful crunch and each bite is full of prawns, spring onions and squid. Definitely more special than your usual Korean joints.

As diligent meat-lovers, how could we not order some Galbi Beef ($20) for BBQ? The wonderful thing about Se Joung is that the service is fantastic! There is no need to flip the meat back and forth yourself, checking whether or not its cooked or burned as the staff continuously come back to cook it for you! The best thing to hear when you are lazy and hungry :) 

Considering the amount of food we ordered that night, we decided to lay low on how much rice we ate. Instead, for most of the meat, we wrapped it in the lettuce leaves that were provided and this allowed it to go down feeling less oily and heavy! The Galbi was absolutely delicious!

Usually, we would finish our meal with these two orders as the quantity would suffice however our hunger called for us to order the Seafood & Tofu Hot Pot ($10) as well. Which in turn, proved to be the best decision of the week. Not only is this hot pot great in terms of value, it is also very tasty and perfect for a cold night! You can have the option to have it Mild or Hot. We had it in mild but I reckon hot shouldn't be too bad! Next time? :P

We were provided with 2 bowls of rice, free of charge as I recall, which was great because most places charge you $2 per bowl. Most of you are probably thinking, how could we have possibly eaten all of this? Well, we did. There was not a single scrap left in any plate or bowl. I guess I should have taken an AFTER photo :P 

Overall I would definitely add Se Joung to my top Korean Restaurants list as the food is cooked to quality standards, comes out quick and service is friendly and attentive! The proportion sizes are also really generous and you get a lot in your side dishes as well! Parking for two hours is free just below Woolies and so if you drive and love Korean food, definitely check this place out :)

Se Joung
Unit 4 68-72
Evaline Street
Campsie NSW 2194
9718 4039

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