Yesterday was Tuesday and was one of my longest days at UNI. 
Ultimately, Tuesdays mean one thing. I have dinner late. REALLY LATE. By my standards, anything after 6:30pm means I am bordering on starvation. Even though I had a late lunch at 3pm, my stomach, as to my prediction, was aggressively growling as I reached Tomoya at Strathfield Plaza.

There is hardly anyone present, as you'd expect at close to 9pm. The assumption that Asians eat early is relatively true.

Tomoya is quite a newly-renovated restaurant at the Plaza as previously it was an all-Japanese Restaurant. However, now, it operates as a Korean-Japanese Restaurant, as the menu and the contents within would indicate. There are choices ranging from Udon, Ramen, Rice, Teriyaki, Tempura, Sushi, Hot Pot...etc.

M and I follow our usual Korean-Restaurant ordering combination which involves a hot pot (usually anything that has a lot of tofu in it) and a meat dish. 

The waitress presents us with the side dishes (as all Korean restaurants do) as soon as our orders are locked in and to my delight, three out of the four are among my favourites! Potato salad, marinated seaweed and the bean sprouts! Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Kimchi and neither is M; thus resulting in that dish being untouched in every Korean Restaurant we visit...

I was so hungry that I had almost forgotten to snap a picture when our Teriyaki Chicken (around $14) greeted us. The colours that flashed before me urgently called on my appetite and before you know it, I am eating like there is no tomorrow. As all hungry people do. The meat was tender and cooked very tasty like your typical Teriyaki dishes.

Next up was our all-time favourite; the Seafood With Soft Tofu Hot Pot (around $14 too).
You just can't go wrong with Tofu. I particularly enjoyed this one as it wasn't as spicy as most Sundubus are at Korean Restaurants and on top of that, we were given a generous amount of octopus, squid and mussel, which was nice :)

Both dishes came with rice so for $14, I think the value is reasonable. The taste is great and serving sizes were definitely up to my standards! Definitely a good place to check out if you are in the neighbourhood and am in need of a quick but satisfying meal that is also affordable in price! 

I don't know exactly what time Tomoya closes but by the time we left it was around 9:30pm? During the day time, there's usually quite a lot of people eating here!

Tomoya Japanese Restaurant
Strathfield Plaza Shp
Ground Level, Shop 34, 
The Boulevarde
Strathfield NSW 2135
9746 8877

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