Cafe Bello

This was the first time I had visited Bello Cafe at Westfield Burwood after its renovation and the change proved to be much better than before. The atmosphere at night resembled that of a restaurant and an added observation included more comfortable leather chairs...

Like always, the menu overwhelmed the Libra within me and so I ordered the safe option: The 300g Sirloin Steak ($23.90) which came with salad and fries, with the choice of mushroom sauce. Not only did the steak look great, it tasted even better with its medium-rare, juicy red centres!

Subsequent of our poor attempts to distinguish the differences between a Dory and the Perch through Google, M finalised his order on the John Dory Fillets ($24.90). We were genuinely surprised by the quality of the dish as it was well-presented to fine dining standards and the fish was very fresh. According to M, the roast potatoes slathered in lemon butter sauce was the perfect match with the Dory.

Overall, M and I were very satisfied with our dinner at Bello and I can't wait to come back another time, preferably lunch, so I can gorge myself with the pastas and the gourmet sandwiches! Bello is conveniently located at the entrance of Burwood Westfield and opens till late :)

Cafe Bello
100 Burwood Road
Burwood NSW 2134
9745 1545

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