Lantern By Wagaya

Lantern by Wagaya is a new restaurant situated on Level 2 of Sun Tower George St, however, it's not quite as new as you'd think. Turns out it's from the same Wagaya at Haymarket however this one includes karaoke rooms and is much more convenient to get to :)

The interiors are quite similar to Mizuya as they employ wooden booth-like seatings which is great for segregating the noise between tables!

I even managed to snap a quick shot of one of the Karaoke rooms and I must say, they look amazing! I remember walking past one of the rooms where a group of people were singing and eating a table-full of yummy food at the same time! Definitely coming by for a Karaoke-sesh one day :)

Similar to the likes of Mizuya and Wagaya, Lantern operates as an Izakaya Restaurant, having menus on touch screens! 

The menu is pretty much the same as Wagaya and so there are so many options, that it is probably better to come with a group of people so you can try as many dishes as possible!

First off, we ordered a Blue Lemonade ($5.90), which turned out to be Sprite basically...but blue and fancier looking :P

Next up, was the Takoyaki Gratin ($7.30)-they have the ordinary Takoyaki option as well however this one is much more delicious as it is smothered with hot melting cheese! 

The Agedashi Soft Shell Crab ($8.20) was the unexpected highlight of the night as the crab was so crunchy and fresh, which in combination with the soft Agedashi tofu, was just perfect. Usually, I am not a big fan of Agedashi but Latern does it well!

The Wagyu Steak ($14.50) was not as tender as Mizuyas', however, M commented on how delicious the sauce was! Indeed, it proved to be a very tasty dish as the sauce was heavily absorbed into the meat and I particularly enjoyed the mushrooms on the side!

The Chicken Namban and Tartar Sauce ($9.50) was just ordinary to me however M seemed to really enjoy it...(rice incurs extra charge, around $2)

As I felt like having something soup based, we decided to try out the Wagaya Shio Ramen ($9.50) which wasn't too bad for its price. 

Overall, although Lantern had the exact same menu as Wagaya, and I have been to Wagaya quite a few times, the experience felt different for some reason. Psychological for sure. 

Either way, I would recommend coming to Lantern with a group of 4-8 friends: grab a Karaoke room and order in! The atmosphere here is great and the service is quick and friendly. Check out their website or Facebook page for more information :)

Lantern by Wagaya
Level 2, Sun Tower
591 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
9283 8828

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