Mad Cow

So much anticipation and excitement awaited my friends and I as we stepped foot into the yellow & white striped elevator at the Ivy, heading for Mad Cow at lunch.

I simply loved this facade of yellow and white potted plants right before the entrance (which initially, we had trouble it's subtly towards the back).

The atmosphere of the restaurant was just perfect for a lunch with close friends as the pastel yellows and whites along with the fresh green potted plants could just about lift anyone's spirits :) The leather-clad booths were a bonus as they were so comfortable for a party of four!

Mad Cow, as suggested by the name, is renowned for its steaks and so we were presented with so many different cuts of steak from the menu. From rib eyes of grain to grass fed and t-bones and sirloins, it took probably 10 minutes to decide what each of us was going to order.

I was genuinely pleased with the service as the staff who served our table was so friendly and patient enough to give me a detailed description of the different cuts, their differentiation and which one he would recommend to me. 

As I like my steaks nice and tender with lots of flavour, he suggested the Wagyu Inside Skirt (David Blackmore, 600 day ration fed, marble score 9+), 200g ($52), cooked medium rare. As the steak was served, the waitress kindly suggested that I cut against the grain of the steak as this would induce greater flavour and would generally make the steak more awesome.

Advice taken. 
Advice appreciated.
The perfectly cooked char-grilled crust meant that the side of Spicy Barbecue Sauce was not necessary as the steak was full of juicy flavour! Also, as the texture was quite thin, the steak was a perfect choice for lunch.

S was keen on the rib-eye choices and decided on the Rib Eye on the Bone (greenham 'pure south'), grass fed, 400g ($48). To be honest, I was shocked when I saw how big the steak was, as the waitress placed the delightful plate in front of a then-very-hungry S. She longed for us to hurry our pace with the photo-taking before devouring the big juicy rib eye :P

D, upon deep contemplation, ordered the Strip loin on the bone, 42 days dry aged, grain fed, 500g ($55) and 500g it sure was. I had a bite of the steak and it was your typical New Yorker styled steak with big juicy flavours and textures. By the end of demolition, D seemed almost exhausted by the amount of meat he had eaten, which was confirmed by his meek declining of dessert :P

A was initially keen on the Steak choices but eventually ordered the Spiced Lamb Rump ($36) with roasted cauliflower, pomegranate, mint and pine nuts, finished with tahini dressing. Personally I don't like lamb but everyone at the table had a taste of the dish and complimented on how lovely it was.

As I seem to lack information about this dish, I hope two images would suffice :P

Overall, Mad Cow was a fantastic experience and I can't wait to go back to try a different steak and definitely one of the desserts (*eyeing the ice cream sandwich*). The steaks are a little pricey but they come with green salad and fries for the table, along with professional and friendly service in a restaurant with a great ambience. Sold? I hope so :)


I would like to thank my friends, especially A, for the majority contribution of the photos as her camera captured much better shots than me and D for his one-shot contribution! :P

Mad Cow
330 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
9240 3000 

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