Pho Toan Thang

Needless to say, Flemington has always had a renowned reputation as the Vietnamese Food Haven and Toan Thang Pho is one of the busiest joints of the area, constantly flowing with people in and out.

Conveniently located in the middle of a walkway between Flemington station, the shops and the car park: don't be surprised to find yourself sharing a table with others during peak hour times.

M ordered the Pho with Rare and Cooked Beef ($8.50), which, when considering the proportion and price, is quite a value deal. As per usual, Pho is deliriously delicious at any Vietnamese restaurant for me :P 

There are a lot of sauces on the table for those who need extra flavour in their soups! M added some Hoisin Sauce (Seafood Sauce), however, personally I feel that ruins the original soup base.

As a pork chop lover, naturally, I had to order the Pork Chop with Fried Rice (*$9.50). The dish is $9 if you get the tomato rice however I prefer fried rice and that incurs a 50cent surcharge! The pork chops were crispy on the outside and full of flavour. I must say though, do they really expect people to finish THAT much rice? :O

Overall, a great place to visit if you are super super hungry, as the proportion sizes are humungous and both the taste and prices are great :D

Toan Thang Pho
95 The Crescent Shop 9
Flemington NSW 2140
9764 3687

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