Tosung Firewood BBQ is a relatively new Korean BBQ joint that is subtly tucked away near the Coffee Warehouse on Parramatta Road, Homebush. I had heard recommendations of this place from a friend and decided to check it out one night. 

Turns out, Tosung was quite spacious in size and even had an outdoor seating, which is absolute gold for having BBQ on cold days! 

Prior to the night, M & I had conducted a small research on Tosung; looking at its online menu and checking out reviews (as we always do). Accordingly, we came to realise that the place was famous for its duck! 

Initially, we were hesitant on the choice, however, as we had never eaten duck at Korean BBQs, that night, we decided to be brave and try something new :P I was amazed to see the big glass-cylinder display that was rotating on show, with all the ducks hanging. Surely, the ducks had to taste amazing....

Our side dishes came promptly, followed by the plate of neatly cut duck pieces. We ordered the Half Duck ($35) and that was sufficiently enough for two people.

Although embarrassed to admit, I must say, initially I had expected a whole duck to appear in front of me as opposed to cut up pieces...which just goes to emphasise the point that I have never had BBQ duck before.

The duck cooked in quick speed and the taste definitely surprised me. It was generously marinated and full of flavour, with both the texture and taste resembling that of sausage!

We also ordered our usual favourite: Spicy Bean Curd Soup with Seafood & Egg ($12). I liked that it had interesting additions of potato and mushroom, which you don't usually see in this hotpot, however, it was a little too chilli for me on the whole. I was gulping down copious amounts of water every two minutes!

The duck tasted delicious with either the rice or wrapped in lettuce! We were so glad that we had decided to try something new that night :) Definitely worth a try if you come by!

Tosung Firewood BBQ
17-35 Parramatta Road
Homebush 2140
8756 5252 Tosung Firewood BBQ Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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