Bavarian Bier Cafe

Bavarian Bier Cafe is quite possibly the first German restaurant I have tried in Sydney, to my memory anyway. In fact, M strongly recommended this place as he had previously dined here for lunch and upon eyeing someone else's dish nearby, decided he must return for the tasting platter.

Personally, I am not an avid bier lover and so dining here may seem to defeat the purpose, which was proven true by my indifferent response to the kind waitress explaining their special mixtures made for the Pure Bier Fest 2012. 

Overall, the restaurant was quite lovely in its interiors, with a grand centre bar placed in the middle of the high-ceiling clad building.

As M had intended, he chose the Bavarian Tasting Platter ($28.50) which included traditional Bavarian condiments of sausages, pork belly and schnitzel. The sight alone of the platter was impressive, and the taste did well to match. 

I must make a note in emphasising how ridiculously delicious and crunchy the schnitzel was though. Definitely coming back to order a full plate of that!

I always tell myself to side away from the Steak choices but I just couldn't help myself. I have a tendency to possess the mindset in trying the steak option at every restaurant I venture into. Hence, my choice for the night was the Bavarian Minute Steak ($34), which consisted of a 200g Sher Wagyu Rump with Lemon and Parsley seasoning, accompanied by a garden salad. 

Initially I was worried the steak would taste really dry as there was no sauce however, turns out the seasoning alone was sufficient enough. Both M and I was confused as to the presence of Chips with Aioli Sauce as we did not remember ordering it. However, lets just say THANK GOD THEY APPEARED. 

These chips, believe it or not, are among one of the best I have had at restaurants. They were goldenly crunchy and each chip was salted to maximum perfection. The addition of Aioli sauce was so delicious that it made us scramble shamelessly for every small chip left in the bowl.

I highly recommend trying out Bavarian Bier-whether it is the Schnitzel or their chips! The staff were so friendly and attentive as well! Great place to come by for both lunch or dinner, especially those who are true bier lovers.

Bavarian Bier Cafe
16 O'Connell Street
Sydney NSW 2000
9221 0100

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