Ichi-ban Boshi

Ichi-ban Boshi has always had a renowned reputation for its mouth-watering bowls of ramen and thus explains why this place is always filled with lines of people waiting. It's that good.

The menu will have ramen options to satisfy all appetites as well as entrees and rice options.

I ordered my one and only favourite: Shio Ramen ($9.90). The secret weapon of this bowl of heavenliness lies in its simplicity really. A salted but clean soup base with roasted pork and freshly-made noodles. Absolutely amazing.

M ordered the Karaage Ramen ($13), which consists of a soy flavoured soup, topped with succulent deep fried chicken. A downside to this option is how the Karaage can easily become soggy as it is soaked in the soup. So eat fast!

A closer detail on what the ramen looks like. You can see through a semi-open kitchen in Ichiban Boshi of the ramen connoisseurs working their magic.

On the whole, every time my ramen cravings hit, Ichi-ban Boshi is the only place that comes to mind. Their serving sizes are beyond generous, prices are affordable and the noodles are absolutely delicious. I feel that the soup bases here are less thick and salty like many other ramen joints, which makes the meal more appetising and enjoyable.

Be prepared to join the lines during peak hours!
Or opt for the take-away options downstairs at the Galeries Victoria food court.

Ichi-ban Boshi
Level 2, The Galeries
500 George Street Sydney NSW
9262 7677


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