Kura Kura

If you are a fan of cosy and affordable Japanese restaurants, Kura Kura, the sibling restaurant of Kura near Chinatown, is the place for you! They're right next to each other too!

In comparison to the jam-packed nature of Kura, Kura Kura seems much more established as a restaurant as they have quite a spacious seating area with nice modern interiors and a cool wine cellar facade, subtly dividing the kitchen and dining space.

The menu will have you sitting there for ages suffering from the curses of indecision. Who knew a menu that had too many choices could be a bad thing?

First off, we had a little embarrassing incident with our order of Ramune-this famous Japanese fizzy soda-like drink. M struggled immensely in hopes of opening it and it wasn't until 5 minutes later, before he finally gave up and decided to seek help from the waitress, subtly of course. Turns out, we forgot about the addition of this plastic lid that helps you release the marble from the top...silly dining moments!

First thing that arrived was the Ox Tongue ($6.90) which was marinated with Miso Flavour. I wasn't really a fan as it was too chewy for my liking and the flavour was really salty. 

The Yaki Gyoza ($5.90) was amazing! It may not seem so through this image but in reality, they were pan fried to an amazing crispy skin. I simply love well-made gyoza.

The Chicken Karaage ($6.90) was fried to crunchy sensations. A safe option as always.

The Soft Shell Crab Tempura ($5.90) was also really delicious! 

The Aburi Sushi-Salmon & Scallop (11.50) would have been great had they not inserted wasabi on top of the rice. Both M & I are not big fans of said green paste and thus each bite was followed by a large gulp of Ramune to drown out the wasabi.

One thing that really made my day at Kura Kura was seeing this cute little sign right behind the counter. I can be such a cliche.

Overall, Kura Kura doesn't necessarily stand out in any remarkable way however, it is a typical Japanese-food-lover's ultimate go-to place. The food comes quick, menu options are diverse and prices are affordable. Ultimately, suitable for students on budgets and for those who want a quick lunch deal near Chinatown.

Kura Kura
Shop 3, 76 Ultimo Rd
Sydney, NSW 2000
9212 5661

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