On Ramen

Having walked past this Japanese Ramen place on so many occasions near Haymarket, tonight was the night to give the renowned On Ramen a try.

Upon walking in, I was surprised to see that the place was not as small as I had always imagined. The atmosphere was really cosy and warm, and the staff could not be more friendlier with their big grins and cheerful greetings :) These chair were simply too cute-I had to snap a photo!

The ceilings hung red lanterns and the walls were full of colourful posters with interesting labels and descriptions of menu options from On Ramen.

The menu contains various box sets ranging from ramen to bentos, which will suit those looking for a quick but satisfying and affordable meal.

I was keen to see how great the ramen was so I ordered the Saba Shio Ramen Set with Grilled Mackerel ($16.50). The ramen noodles were a little thin and the soup base too salty for my liking. I also made the silly mistake in thinking Mackerel was similar to Cod, and was shocked to find my taste buds overpowered with the salty fish taste upon my first bite :P 

M decided to try the Chicken Teriyaki Bento ($17.90), which proved to be a fantastic choice as the bento looked so appetising in sight. The teriyaki chicken was amazingly good, quite possibly the best I've tried in Sydney so far as it was glazed with perfect marination. The sausage and takoyaki were decent sides and the proportions of rice and salad was great,

Definitely pop by On Ramen to try out its various set menus as they are quite value-worthy! However for ramen, I would personally prefer Itchiban Boshi as I am more a fan of thick ramen noodles! :)

On Ramen
181-187 Hay St
Sydney NSW
9211 6663

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