Rengaya Yakiniku (BBQ)

I tend to have a superb talent in mastering the art of laziness and thus, here I write my much-delayed food post on the Mothers Day dinner I had with my Grandma at Rengaya last Sunday.

Rengaya has always been one of the top favourite restaurants of mine and my Grandma's immense love for this place can be seen through her constant choice to return here on special occasions. Rengaya is a Japanese Restaurant that specialises in Yakiniku (BBQ), as they use premium ingredients such as Australian Black Cattle and also fresh seafood sashimi.

The restaurant's interiors are simple and typical of a Japanese dining setting with their shoji screens and you are warmly welcomed in by enthusiasticly friendly staff.

To start off, a sip of complimentary, hot Japanese green tea to warm yourself!

My Grandma's must-have entree at Rengaya is this little dish called Namuru ($8.90), which consists of 5 kinds of Korean-flavoured vegetables. Quite a refreshing entree to start off! The mushrooms are particularly delicious as they are marinated with heaps of flavour.

The Special Ox Tongue ($14.90) is cut nice and thin and tastes amazing with the bbq sauce. 

The best thing is that they dont take long to cook! Just make sure you are diligent with your flipping because the worst thing to do is to burn wonderful meat...

Make sure to choose bbq sauce with all your meat as that is the best option to go.

Next up was my absolute favourite: Wagyu Chuck Rib ($39.90). I admit, for 6 piecies of meat at $6.65 each, this plate resembles the epitome of absolute splurge. And splurge it was. But one that I promise you will not regret. The meat is ridiculously well-marbled and deliciously-marinated and the ribs are so tender that each bite literally melts in your mouth.

The Wagyu Special Beef Rib ($29.90) was also quite tasty however it lacked the super-tenderness of the Chuck Rib. Regardless, it was oozing with flavour!

We also ordered the Beef Rib Porridge ($9.90) which just tasted like a rich tomato-based beef soup broth with rice and egg. Probably not worth ordering at a famous Yakiniku restaurant, but nevertheless, it was comforting to eat on a cold night.

For dessert, we ordered a scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream ($5.50) each, which came with sweet red beans and almond tuile. It's definitely one of the best green tea ice creams I've had as it wasn't too sweet yet it was not lacking in creaminess either. Just pure bliss.

Overall, Rengaya will offer a great Japanese Yakiniku (BBQ) experience as the ingredients are one of the finest and the overall dining experience is sensational. It is quite expensive, so perhaps save Rengaya for a special occasion to splurge :) 

On a random note, I thought the flower display at the entrance was quite lovely.

73 Miller Street
North Sydney
NSW 2060
9929 6169

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