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On one spontaneous Saturday morning, a thought popped into my mind. I envisioned crowds of silver trolleys surrounding me as I attempted to shove countless prawn dumplings and siu mais down my throat. Perhaps not the most elegant image depicted, but hey, who doesn't love Yumcha? 

I am not 100% sure but I think the tea of choice chosen that day was Chrysanthemum-which is a light and floral-scented tea.

Some say that a good Yumcha place is inherently determined by the quality of their Chicken Feet. I seek to disagree. I judge according to the ultimate classic: The Prawn Dumplings (Ha Gao). Unfortunately, these at Crystal Seafood failed to pass my test. The prawns didn't taste really fresh and it was very dry on the whole.

The Chicken Feet (Fung Jiao) were very tasty and both M & I were quite pleased with demolishing all of them within minutes! 

One of my personal favourites, the Steamed Pork Ribs Dim Sum! The pork is marinated with heavy flavours of deliciousness and the meat is at a tenderly perfect, bite size.

To those prawn-lovers out there, this following Fried Prawn Dim Sim is a must-order!
M loved the crunchiness of the outer skin that encased the prawns and naturally, mayonnaise is always a good idea.

Another Yumcha classic: The Siu Mai
I had nothing to complain about these as honestly, I cannot distinguish the fabulous ones from the mundane. To me, they are all just pure yummy dim sims!

There's nothing better than a nice and hot Egg Custard Tart with melting edges and a gooey centre to finish off a satisfying Yumcha Feast. We had also ordered a Mango Pudding but silly me forgot to take a photo. Oh wells...

Yumcha at Crystal Seafood is relatively more cheap than the City restaurant locations and was surprisingly quite empty on that Saturday. Perhaps the crowded places are a better choice as more trolleys are circulating and the dim sims are usually piping hot due to high demand.

And I was totally kidding about the spontaneity of this Yumcha visit. 
My cravings had hit me days ahead..

Crystal Seafood Restaurant
11 The Boulevarde Shop 29
Strathfield, NSW 2135

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