El Jannah

"OMG what is that smell?!" I remember asking M, as we got out of the car at Granville.
A woman scurries past with giant red take-away boxes in her hand, leaving behind a trail of the most irresistible whiff of deliciousness. Our tummies grumble as we sniff our noses and decide to pace up and power walk to the renowned charcoal chicken haven, El Jannah.

Our hearts sank as we reached the entrance of El Jannah.
The line was increasing by the second and the tantalising aromas of the charcoal chicken was ruthlessly teasing our senses. 

There's quite a large space to dine in-house however, take-away prices are much cheaper for the same order and hence remains to be the more popular and economic option. Please excuse the blurriness of the following price menu pictures as I had to zoom my camera amongst the chaos of the hungry crowd that night :P

Upon waiting for 10 minutes or so, we were excited to order.
2 whole chickens, a large chips, packet of bread and garlic sauce to go please!
We then rushed to the other side of the restaurant, patiently waiting and eagerly keen for our number to be called.

As we were positioned in front of the counter, we were able to witness the intensity of the restaurant system. There were quite a lot of staff behind the counter and it's no wonder, considering how much demand the place gets.  At last! our number is called and we happily run out with our red boxes.

The chicken was absolutely sensational with its charred crispy chin and succulent juiciness. And don't forget to dip it in the garlic sauce as it's considered to be one of the key elements to El Jannah's success and thus a sure winner. Wrap it all up in the bread! :)

The chips were also amazing as they were infused with large amounts of chicken salt. How could you go wrong with chicken salt? They were so good that M and I finished most of it in the car driving back :P That, and because we were simply famished.

On the whole, El Jannah is definitely worth visiting but do keep in mind that it's almost guaranteed that you'll find yourself in a line. There is a nearby car park that is 5 minutes away and 2 minutes walk from Granville station, making it a fantastic location to suit all charcoal-chicken lovers.

El Jannah
6 South Street
Granville NSW


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