O Bal Tan

Sizzling BBQ meat and a hot stone pot full of soft tofu and mildly chilli flavours are the absolute winter staples offered by O Bal Tan, a popular addition to Korea Town at Pitt St.

Complimentary side dishes are one of the main highlights of dining at Korean Restaurants. 
Kudos to the pancake and cold pasta sides, as they were the perfect starters.

Minimum order for Charcoal BBQ is 2 dishes so we decided to first try out the classic Marinated Beef Ribs ($20). As per usual, So Gal Bi (the korean name of this meat) is always a favourite option for BBQ as the meat is amazingly tender and oozing with pre-marinated flavour - so much so that the additional sauces are unnecessary. 

Our second option turned out to be quite fancy in presentation and it's always a pleasant surprise when the food looks nice AND tastes nice! The Marinated Beef Ribs Without Bones ($19) were a little more chewy than the Gal Bi but equally delicious in taste. It's even better when there's a slight burn on the outer edges of the meat so take a bit of time tossing it around on the flame. As least that's the way I like it!

Would it be a true winter Korean feast without inclusion of any tofu-filled hot pots? I think not! The Seafood Soft Tofu Hot Pot ($10-15) was definitely a winner here as they had included random additions of mushrooms (my favourite) and a heap of yummy vegetables to go with the bubbling hot broth. One bowl of rice included.

O Bal Tan is definitely a great place for Korean BBQ as their meat is so well-marinated that the flavour truly sinks in to every bite. However I feel that it is often overlooked due to its close proximity with Madang (being right next to each other). The seafood pancake is also a recommended winner dish here, as I recall! Great service and delicious food for a cold, windy night :)

O Bal Tan
363a Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
9269 0299

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