Our dining experience at Waterfront was one of confusion, surprise and satisfaction-all wrapped into one package. 

Waterfront is a modern australian restaurant, under the management of the Dockside Group. Here's where the confusion kicked in on the night. 

As we seated down to our designated table, we found ourselves greeted by the Wolfies menu. Upon some quick research on our iPhones: turns out all three restaurants along that harbour line-Waterfront, Wolfies and Italian Village-all have the same menu options. 
Guess it makes no difference after all? 

I stuck to my agreement that night that I would side away from my usual steak order and instead, decided to try out the John Dory Fillet ($46), as it's one of my favourite fish and delicious it was! I loved the simplicity of the dish, with its beautifully seasoned warm green beans, potato, tomato and olive salsa. The fillet was amazing on the whole and surprisingly filling too!

As we are not accustomised to the lack of red meat on the table, naturally, M ordered the Eye Fillet, 250g & 100 day aged private selection grain fed steer mb2+ ($49), medium rare with red wine jus.

Due to his increasingly high standards of steak these days, M had claimed that the eye fillet was "just okay", whilst carefully eyeing my John Dory...yes my fish was definitely the hero dish of the night.

I had thought my fish was the stand-out of the night however, to both our surprise, the side of Crisp Fries & Aioli ($9) left the lasting impression. The chips emulated absolute perfection and the Aioli was its destined match. We were scraping for every last chip and drip of sauce left. A must-order!

If you see the description Voluptious Chocolate Delight: layers of dark chocolate brownie, chocolate ganache & milk chocolate mousse in a white chocolate cube with oreo ice cream ($14.50) and your heart does not stop for even one second, you are not human. 

M & I had gasped at that heart-stopping description and signalled the waiter immediately for that slice of heaven to come to our table asap!

I admit, what arrived did not exactly fulfill the picture of that description in my head. I was expecting more. HOWEVER, the heart of the dessert lied within that white chocolate-encased cube. Indeed each layer was, as promised, a hearty chocolate delight. How they managed to keep all those layers intact is beyond me. 

Waterfront turned out to be a great dining experience as we had a table with iconic views of both the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The atmosphere was buzzing with people, as it usually would on a Saturday night and the food was delicious. However, we did note that our section was a little understaffed with predominatly one waiter serving 4+ tables.

Waterfront Dining
27 Circular Quay 
W The Rocks NSW 2000
1300 115 116


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