I honestly cannot get enough of steak. A good steak is worth investing money in because it brings you joy and happiness like no other. Dont tell this to your other half though...:P

Chophouse has become one of my new favourite Steakhouses, as I had one of the most delicious and mouth-orgasm-worthy steak in this subtly-located restaurant at Wynyard.

I am quite judgemental with restaurants when it comes to their complimentary bread and butter before the meal. Unfortunately, Chophouse did not pass this test.

The butter, although creamy and smooth, did not meet the adequate bread to showcase its brilliance. The bread was a bit too dry and bland for me, and the fact that it was cold didn't help either. Where's my hot soughdough, my heart squealed!

After that, it was all good news. Bordering on AH-MA-ZING!
I ordered the F1 Wagyu Striploin MB4+, harissa & Jus, Stockyard QLD 300g ($53.90), which currently ranks as one of the best decisions I've made this year.

The steak was so tender that each cut was silky smooth. Cooked medium rare, each bite made my grin bigger and bigger. An absolute winner on the menu. It was so good that the sauce wasn't even necessary! If only I could afford this every week....dreams...

M ordered the Dry Aged DELMINCO MB2+, chutney & jus, 400g, striploin on the bone, Riverine Premium Beef ($48). It was also quite nice but ultimately just lost the limelight as my steak stole the show for the night. *Win*

But I have to say, I preferred the chutney over my harissa and so I was dipping my cuts of goodness into M's little jug every now and then.

The Chophouse Ice Cream Sandwich with macadamia & golden syrup ($12) had me salivating upon seeing it on the menu. It was a dessert full of yummy textures and you'd be crazy to not love it. If your heart beats for Golden Gaytime, then this is a must-order!

Highlight of the night was seeing the humungous dessert knife we were given to cut this ice cream sandwich. It was a tad bit scary to be honest but proved to be necessary, as the ice cream sandwich was no easy job to cut through! 

Don't ever argue with a fellow diner on the table when this knife is present...

Overall, I loved, loved, LOVED Chophouse!
That steak just made my night that much better. Definitely saving up again to go back and next time, I am keen to try out a different dessert (one with less dangerous cutlery) and some entrees perhaps! 

But the steak option will. not. change. 

25 Bligh Street
Sydney 2000
Call 1300 CHOP IT (1300 246 748)
^that is so cool...

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