Hotplate Steak House

There's this unique sense of excitement I experience upon discovering a place that has delicious food at a crazy value-worthy price! Hotplate Steak House at Chinatown is definitely one of those places with a mere $20 being able to secure you a satisfying meal that includes more than 3 courses as well as drinks. Unbelievable, yes?

If you are interested in the $20 value menu, then here's the system to follow.
M & I always order a main (around $14.95) and choose the add $5 option which will then promise you additions of fresh salad, garlic bread, soup, dessert, and drinks. 

Drink options range between Ice Green and Black Tea: we got one of each! They come with fruity sorbets which is a cute refreshing extra :) 

You start off with a fresh Romaine Salad which when I had first tried, was surprisingly more delicious than it appeared. The sauce is the key to the yumminess!

Garlic Bread is served nice and hot, along with soup (2 options for soup). Sorry for the blurriness :S

Russian Borscht Soup is my favourite: opt for this if you like rich tomato flavours!

M prefers the Creamy Corn Soup, which isn't too bad either.

The New York Sirloin (around $14.95) is our favourite main after trying a few on the menu, as not only is the meat so well-seasoned with amazing spices but also really tender! The hotplate sizzles in front of you upon being served and that's when you get really excited. Bonus points attributed to the accompanying spaghetti and egg! 

Then there's dessert! You can choose from Ice Cream or Panna Cotta Creme Caramel.
Ice Cream is quite bland and ordinary but the Panna Cotta tastes like a creamy milk pudding and is quite delicious.

If you're eager for quality food that is affordable and fast in service, head to Chinatown and try out this steakhouse! Absolutely a value-worthy package considering how much you are getting in return :) There are also many other options on the menu for mains including Wagyu Beef, Fish, Chicken...etc. For more information, check out their Facebook page.

Hotplate Steak House
13 Goulburn St
Haymarket NSW 2000

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