Sushi Hotaru

Yes, that sign alone was enough to convince me to walk into Sushi Hotaru, almost one year ago. This sushi train is located at The Galeries in the CBD and every time I walk past, it is always packed with hungry-looking diners. So if you're not a fan of waiting, avoid peak hour.

Sushi Hotaru is awesome because all sushi are $3 each, and this price also follows suit for some side dishes! Of course, the plates full of fresh sashimi are exempt from this, because if that was priced at $3 also, other sushi trains may just find it hard to cope in survival...

We start off with our favourite sushi order: Grilled Salmon ($3)And, god, it was delicious. 
Well grilled with slightly charred, crunchy edges and a beautiful melting finish after.
So good that we ordered two plates.

I'm sorry to bore you with the same old choices in all my sushi posts. 
But if you must know, an order of grilled salmon must be followed by its fellow counterpart: Grilled Scallop ($3). Similar to the salmon, it was well grilled and as tasty as ever!

Chicken Karaage ($3) was not too bad. Mayo always helps.

The Spicy Grilled Kingfish ($3) was a special addition that night and as M & I are in love with grilled sushi, we decided to give it a go. I liked the fish but scraped off the spicy sprinkles on the top. Tasted much better that way for me :)

Yes, Seafood Wantons ($3) don't exactly count as sushi, but I LOVE THEM and I will keep ordering them at every sushi train I go to. Who can possibly say no to prawn, fried up into a cute dumpling and dipped in sweet chilli sauce? YUM!!!

The Crumbed Prawn ($3) is a classic and hence a must-order.
My fingers are always crossed that it has just been freshly fried and is nice and hot when I lift the plastic lid. On that night, my wishes were granted.

The Wagyu Omelette Hand Roll ($3) was soso for me as I prefer tempura in my hand rolls but M seemed to enjoy it regardless.

The Soft Shell Crab Sushi ($3) was a bit of a let-down for me as I wasn't a big fan of the spicy sauce.

Eel & Egg Sushi! ($3) Yummy!

Overall, Sushi Hotaru is great as everything tastes fresh! M & I had a satisfying dinner (11 plates) for $33! Not bad for a delicious sushi feast. The place is quite big, with the sushi train streaming endlessly down the room. Sometimes you get to sit in these mini booths with the computer screens, making ordering even more easy. There's a wide range of sushi and side options, making it one of my favourite sushi trains.

On top of that, the place looks quirky and fun with the Japanese-styled wallpapers and modern interiors.

Sushi Hotaru
The Galeries
500 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
9264 9917

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