A restaurant is considered pretty damn amazing when there are consistent lines outside the place EVERYDAY from its opening time till god knows when. Perhaps it's the authenticity of Malaysian flavours Mamak epitomises or its fast and friendly service but for me, it's definitely the sweet roti pyramid tower (that's what I call it...) that yells come back for more!!!

I was super excited because we only lined up for 15 minutes! Which compared to my first visit last year of waiting for 1 hour, is definitely considered an absolutely score! 

To celebrate, an Ice Milo ($3.50) was in order and the drink just brought back so many childhood memories of convincing my mum to buy that green tin of goodness to make my daily cup of milk just a lot more fun. It was delicious and sweet, just the way it's supposed to be :)

On that night, M & I endeavoured to embark on a Chicken Feast whereby all three of our orders were, to the waiter's astonishment, chicken. To kick off, we started with a Dozen of Chicken Satay Sticks ($9), served with Sweet and Spicy Peanut Sauce. M and I simply adored these sticks of chicken delights as they were full of flavour (even without the sauce) and grilled to perfection.

Next up was some classic Chicken Curry, or otherwise known as Kari Ayam ($16). The chicken was so tender that despite not being the biggest fan of the infused flavours of the freshly grounded spices, we managed to finish the whole bowl. Rice per serving is priced at $2.50 each.

Finally, M's favourite dish of the night: Ayam Goreng ($4 per piece). 
These Malaysian-styled Fried Chicken are marinated with herbs and spices and have quite possibly, the most crispiest skin ever. Each bite makes you go OMG and throughout the eating process, all I could hear was M going "This is amazing!". A definite MUST-ORDER! 

Now, to my highlight of the night. I had always wanted to try the sweet roti pyramid tower. Ok, it's official name is Roti Tisu ($9.50) and it is paper thin, extra-crispy and served tall with vanilla ice cream. As we broke off pieces from the tower, we could see the coatings of sugar inside and despite the awareness of the possible hefty calorie intake from this roti pyramid, my dessert appetite yelled for more after each bite. It was strangely addictive and just pure delicious. Total sugar nap afterwards but.

I would also recommend ordering the thicker roti as I have had it before and it was amazing as well. The vanilla ice cream was the perfect match.

Overall, I would say that Mamak is a restaurant worth waiting for and I guess I would line up again for the roti. 

No. Correction. I would DEFINITELY go back again for the roti. If you like sweet desserts and cannot resist sugary temptations, this place is a must. Even if you're not into desserts, there are alot of other yummy options on the menu and roti can also be served, savoury style, with curry and spicy sambai sauce. Join the hype and try out Mamak :)

15 Goulbourne Street
Haymarket Sydney
9211 1668
(No Reservations)

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