The Abercrombie - Chippendale

Deep fried calamari salad, deep fried mac and cheese balls, deep fried pizza, deep fried chicken burger, deep fried golden gay time....for those on a diet, STEP AWAY NOW.

The Abercrombie is every calorie-counting girl's (or boy's) worst nightmare because you will find yourself caught in between deep-fried temptations within almost every second item on the menu. But please, how could your heart not stop at Fried Golden Gaytime?

We went on a Tuesday night, which meant $10 Schnitzels! Absolute SCORE :D
Turns out they have daily special deals on their menu, which is great for students looking for a value meal. Sorry for the bad quality images but it was really dark inside...

The Mac N Cheese Balls ($12) was one of the most unique dishes I've ever had. Literally, encased in a circular ball of fried batter, the mac and cheese spills out generously from each bite.

To be honest, it was a little too creamy for me, which I guess justified the presence of the tomato sauce as it did help tone it down a little. M on the other hand, loved it because it was so rich in creaminess.

Unfortunately, we didn't really like the Buffalo Chicken Ribs ($10) as there was just something about the spices in the flavour that didn't go well with us. Nevertheless, we gobbled them all because the meat on the ribs was so tender.

As mentioned earlier, the Chicken Schnitzel was on special that night, priced at an awesome $10 (usually $18). We had it served in Parmigiana style and it came with Chips & Salad. The schnitzel looked amazing but the taste was a little bland and needed extra flavour. Lucky for the tomato sauce from the mac n cheese! Chips were great though :)

And finally, the legendary Deep Fried Golden Gaytime ($7)! Having been diligent consumers of the gaytime icecream since we were little kids, we simply could not wait to try it out! 

The verdict? The fried version is definitely unique and quite interesting but I'd probably stick to the real deal. I guess it was because there were hints of maple-syrup-like-flavours in the batter and so I didn't enjoy it too much. Also, make sure you eat this fast because it melts in mighty speed!

On the whole, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with The Abercrombie as I had read so many raving reviews about the place and was a little over-hyped. Maybe it's because we didn't get to order other signature dishes and so I will give the place the benefit of the doubt! Nevertheless, I must add, Abercrombie definitely deserves points for putting a unique spin on ordinary dishes and turning it into something different. 

The daily deals also makes it a great place for UNI students to check out, which I'm sure the UTS kids are doing already, considering it's right across the street. Great pub atmosphere for close friends to have a chilled night out to catch up over some deep-fried comfort food. And trivia too, if you go on the right days! :)

The Abercrombie
100 Broadway (Cnr Abercrombie St)
9280 2178

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