Oliver Brown

When in doubt, always consume chocolate.
That's the mantra I live by and seriously, who can resisit a good old waffle drizzled in Belgian chocolate followed by scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream. 

Oliver Brown is the new local hit as a Belgian Chocolate Cafe where everything is oh so beautiful and sweet.

As I walked past these three heavenly pots of melting chocolate, a thought slipped into mind. It involved the serious crime of chocolate theft whereby I'd just have private chocolate fondue parties at home everyday. Yum...

The Oliver Brown Belgian Crepe ($11.50) was a thin warm layer of deliciousness filled with slices of strawberry and banana and accompanied by a bowl of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream each. The guy who made this must have went crazy with all that melted chocolate. NOT COMPLAINING THOUGH! 

The Oliver Brown Belgian Waffle and Ice Cream for Two ($13.50) was also fabulous with all its generosity of the melted chocolate. The waffles were not as crunchy as I would have liked but surprisingly the vanilla ice cream really impressed me with its creamy flavour and ability to not melt for a long time. 

I absolutely adored the Oliver Brown Classic Fondue for Two ($17.50) because it came with both milk and dark melted chocolate! Fresh strawberries, banana, marshmallows, banana bread and bread sticks followed along in cute little rain-drop bowls and were dipped deep down into the melted chocolate, as though we were having chocolate hot pot. Loved, LOVED IT!

Overall, Oliver Brown did not fail to disappoint, especially the chocolate fondue. And, it's open till late! What more can you ask for? The melted Belgian Chocolate will simply satisfy all your problems and cravings, so lick it all off the plate! :D

Oliver Brown
Shop 51 Rhodes Shopping Centre
1 Rider Boulevarde, Rhodes 2138


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