Bakehouse Garden

Located in the site of the Old Arnott's Factory, Bakehouse Garden is a Korean restaurant specialising in charcoal-fired BBQ. It was just one of those days where my stomach decided it was in need of some good meat and maybe a hot pot or two...

The menu covered your traditional Korean-style dishes such as Seafood Pancake, Bibimbap, Hot Pots and a wide range of BBQ options - from beef, pork, poultry to seafood and vegetarian. 

The side dishes were so vibrant in their colours! Too bad M and I are not a big fan of certain veggies...COUGH BROCCOLI :P

To get things started, we try out the Marinated Pork Short Ribs/Dwaeji-galbi ($16) - which turned out to be super delicious.

See, we don't usually order pork for Korean BBQ but this one definitely impressed. It was well-seasoned with pre-marinated flavour and the meat was so succulent and juicy. I would definitely recommend cooking it with a slight charcoal burn to the edges and then give it a nice wrap with the beautiful lettuce leaves - sooo good! 

The Marinated Beef Short Ribs/Yangnyeom galbi ($19) kept up its standard as the classic meat dish. The accompanying sauce was also quite tasty and served as a lovely dip - though the short ribs are well-marinated to begin with. Honestly, when you see the words marinated and galbi in a sentence, you're bound to score well. It's the must-order for Korean BBQ in our dining bibles.

The ventilation system at Bakehouse is superb - maybe it's got to do with the fact that they are charcoal-fired? Either way, a Korean BBQ meal without excess smoke is awesome!

Rice is $2.50 per bowl - I think if you order Hot Pot, you get one complementary rice.

It wouldn't be a typical JENisHUNGRY Korean food blog post without the good old Spicy Soft Tofu Stew/Sundubu-jjigae making its grand entrance - yet again. It is just one of those dishes that I can NEVER get sick of or refrain from ordering. The Bakehouse version was very good because the spicy flavours were quite mild, which meant that I didn't have to gulp down glasses of water per spoonful. Tasty tasty stew for the colder days!

Overall, I was quite satisfied with Bakehouse Garden - the service was good, the meat was fantastic and the staff were very diligent in changing our BBQ plates. The space here is quite substantial and hence a great place for big groups - there's even outdoor seating available.

It's also one of the few Korean restaurants where the interiors are relatively stylish. Brick walls and a neat structuring of the shiny wooden furniture across the space, gives the restaurant a clean and polished feel. 

Come check the place out next time you're at North Strathfield :)

Bakehouse Garden Korean BBQ
Shop 4, 9-11George Street
North Strathfield Sydney NSW 2127
8746 0299

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