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Lately I've been eating out at Chinese restaurants more than I usually do and spicy food has become quite popular on my food radar. My tolerance for chilli is not as high as I would like it to be...but it's getting there! Plus...I do manage to eat quite a bit - that is, if there are unlimited jugs of icy cold water on standby.

Chilli and Spicy Restaurant is located on George Street, near the Haymarket end (across from HSBC) and they serve authentic Chinese food from the Hunan province. 

I found out about this restaurant after hearing my Grandma rave on and on about how delicious everything is. She is a big advocate on spicy food and likes to combine chilli sauce with almost everything she eats. Additionally, because my Grandma is also from the Hunan region...I thought, this place can't be too bad if she gives it the thumbs up.

We start off with some Stir-Fried Lotus Root In Casserole ($23.80) which came in a super flavoursome sauce with hints of chilli. Not bad of a dish if you're a fan of lotus root that is...though I would've preferred it to be more crunchy. There were also a few pieces of stir-fried meat here and there, which I happily scrambled around the pot for!

The Fish Shreds Noodle With Flavour Paste ($11.80) is usually a lunch-order-only dish however if you are keen to try it for dinner, as long as you order other dishes, apparently they are willing to cater for you.

Make sure you mix the noodles well with the ingredients on top as well as the sauce so that every strand absorbs the tasty flavours. The fish fillets were really tender and yummy, and the addition of cucumbers freshened up the dish with cool crunchy textures.

My Grandma loved this however for me it was just so-so as the sauce didn't go that well with my taste buds but I guess it just depends on your own preferences. 

Now, the Steamed Fresh Fish With Diced Chilli ($39.80) was simply amazing! For starters, the fish was perfectly cooked with tender bits everywhere and it sat neatly on a bed of pure oily goodness. The sauce was deliciously fragrant and infused with good that we were mixing the sauce into the noodles to add extra taste! However, do note that if you're not a fan of oily foods, you might want to steer clear. 

My highlight for the night was definitely the Fried Rice Cake and Sea Crab ($32.80). Two of my favourite things in one big fat bowl? YES PLEASE!!! 

The crab wasn't that big and meaty yet the crab flavour sunk right through to all the soft chewy pieces of rice cakes. I highly recommend dipping the rice cake deep into the sauce and gobbling it up nice and hot. It's not as spicy as you think but the chilliness can increase as you eat more. Seriously, a killer dish. I probably demolished two thirds of this by myself.

Chilli and Spicy is actually an onsite restaurant situated on the mezzanine level inside the BreakFree on George Hotel. Quite a unique spot for a Chinese restaurant - and it is very polished and modern inside.

If you have friends who dig authentic chilli chinese food, this is the place to check out. The fish and crab rice cakes are a must-order in my opinion though I'm sure there are probably so many other spicy goodies on the menu I have yet to check out. From what I remember, you can ask the staff to adjust the level of spiciness for you accordingly. 

Find the real taste of Hunan cuisine here :)

Location can be quite tricky as the restuarant is tucked inside the hotel...once you see Easyway Tea on George Street (across from HSBC bank), just turn left, walk straight in and you'll be there!

Chilli and Spicy Restaurant
653 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
9284 4500

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