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In the past, I was never super excited about Thai food (many may gasp at such a shocking statement) but recently thanks to a dear friend of mine, J, I have been converted wholeheartedly. Whether it's a good old classic such as Pad See Ew, a creamy Curry or a refreshing Papaya Salad...there is something to suit any tastebud. Bangkok Snap is the new Thai food hot spot in Strathfield, adding a touch of culinary diversity to the otherwise-mostly-Korean dining landscape.

I love a menu that is full of options worth salivating over and Bangkok Snap definitely understood that concept. From Starters to Soups, Thai Style Salads, BBQ, Curry, Noodles, Rice, to Seafood...I sincerely suggest coming here with a group to try a bit of each section. To help, there are accompanying visuals of the food to help you in your decision-making process :)

It was a hot evening and so we kicked off our Thai feast with a Jug of Pink Lemonade ($13) -  pretty in pink, sweet, cool and refreshing...just the way it's supposed to be :)

The Yum Sam Grob ($16.90) consists of a salad of crispy prawn, dried squid and fish mow mixed with spicy and sour dressing. We would've liked more than 3 prawns but not too big of an issue I guess. The sauce however, was a little too salty for my liking. Nevertheless if you go easy on that, it's quite a tasty salad with a mixture of sweet and savoury flavours.

The Thai Papaya Salad with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab ($17.90) was quite popular with the table as everyone digged in to demolish their piece of fried goodie. The crab was really fresh and lightly battered with just the right amount of flavour. The papaya salad was a crunchy delight with sweet chilli scents, pickled cabbage and dried prawn. 

Here's the time to confess my silly mistake during the ordering process. In my head I had wanted Pad See Ew yet when I ordered I must've said Pad Thai instead...oh wells! Luckily the Prawn Pad Thai ($16.90) did not disappoint. 

Silky smooth Thai stir-fried rice noodles infused with flavour, tossed with prawn, egg, bean sprouts, shallots and peanuts. Again it got a bit salty towards the end for a few of us but both J and A thought the flavours were perfectly balanced and delish - then again those two are frequent Thai maybe it's just a matter of preference.

The Chicken Red Curry ($13.90) was cooked with apple eggplant, pea eggplant, sliced bamboo shoot, with enhanced flavours from chilli and basil. It was simply ah-ma-zing!!! Fragrant and tantalising when you first take in a whiff and with a taste to match its aromas. Overall, the curry was creamy but not to thick, with well-balanced flavours, spices and tender chicken bites. It was absolutely beautiful with some steamed rice and addictive as hell. Yum!

We also ordered the Stir-fried Crispy Pork Belly ($14.90) with Thai hot basil, cholli, chopped green beans and onions. This was a bit of a let down for me personally as I prefer my pork belly to be super tender on the inside however I felt that the one here was a tad dry and rough. 

On the whole, Bangkok Snap wasn't too bad however the overall consensus with most of the group was that a few of the dishes were way too salty! As mentioned before, this stirred up some debate amongst the table as some felt that the flavours were perfectly fine. 

Service was friendly and relatively fast with prices that are quite reasonable and affordable. The decor is also very modern and welcoming - which is probably why it's already so popular with local diners! This place will definitely be a continual buzzing hit with the Strathfield crowd as most people are lovers of Thai food, especially if you are like my friend J, who often beams with excitement at the thought of eating Pad Se Eiw :P 

P.S. There's apparently also a Bangkok Snap near Northmead Parramatta!

Bangkok Snap
Shop 2, 41
The Boulevarde
Strathfield NSW 2135

02 9746 6817

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