What do you get when you go to a restaurant only to find that their menu has over 100 options on offer and it's literally just you and one other person? The first thought that popped into my head was LETS CALL UP ALL OUR FRIENDS SO WE CAN TRY EVERY SINGLE DISH HERE. Ok, making unrealistic plans in your head does not help make ordering any easier.

Kofoo is a relatively new Korean Restaurant that has opened up at Sussex Street in the City and offers a refreshing take on your typical Korean Cuisine - think rustic decors, colourful pops of colour, a vibey atmoshere, fusion dishes vs. good old classics and super passionate staff who hi 5 you on the way out! 

See? I was not kidding about the 100 + options - specifically 120!
From breakfast to hot pots to noodles to rice dishes to fried chicken to rice cakes to side dishes to dumplings to desserts to OMG I'm stressed and overwhelmed just by recalling the hectic menu! 

Oh and did I mention there are glossy images to match almost all the dishes listed...all so that your decision-making process is more difficult!
Please just head there yourself and be overwhelmed like me, in person :)

When M saw the drink name Orangeade ($5) on the menu, his curiosity got the better of him. It tasted like a mix of Berocca with Lemon Lime & Bitters? Honestly, it just reminded me of the air-refreshener smell you usually get with all that lemon-orangey scent however surprisingly I still managed to drink most of it with ease after that thought...

Side dishes are a must - even in fushion Korean joints!

What's great about Kofoo is that for alot of the dishes, you get to choose between the full proportion size and a mini version. The Mini Tteokbokki ($5), served with fish cake, onion, and sweet chilli sauce was the perfect little dish to satisfy our mini rice-cake craving for that night. It was chewy and sticky just the way it's supposed to be, however a tad too sweet for my liking! 

Fried Chicken is a no-brainer when it comes to Korean restaurants and all foodies would know the wonders of Soy Chicken (Half $18). Deep fried chicken marinated with salt, pepper, garlic, ginger and black soy sauce = heaven! Unfortunately the chicken here wasn't as crispy as I had wanted however the soy marinade was very tasty indeed. If you want the full serving of a whole chicken, it's $33. 

The Stir-Fried Udon ($17) was sensational in both flavour and texture. Slippery stir-fried thick noodles (udon) tossed with south ocean blue crab, squid, prawn, onion, garlic and special sauce. Hmm...it really makes you wonder about the "special" sauce because my oh my it was delicious! Addictive and full of tasty flavours, this is your go-to noodle dish at Kofoo for sure.

The Panne Pasta ($22) was very unique. Cooked with bacon, onion, mushrooms and prawn and stuffed into a cute bread cone, it was oozing with creamy garlic flavours.  The portion was a little small but the novelty of it made it worth ordering I guess? M thoroughly enjoyed breaking off the crusts from the bread cone after we had demolished our pasta - which didn't take long. The small blobs of garlic bread on the side were soft and fluffy however it was also sweet - which was very odd for garlic bread....

It may seem weird to have Soft Tofu Stew ($15) right after a western/pasta dish but hey it's what you do when you have odd cravings here and there. Tofu stew is definitely my top favourite Korean dish and I like to try out various versions from different Korean restaurants. Cooked with special chilli sauce, tofu, zucchini, beef, eggs, shallot and onion - this wasn't too bad. Usually the soup base is very spicy but this one was quite manageable for those who can't handle super chilli. The soup could've been a bit thicker but otherwise, quite satisfying with some rice (which comes with)!

Overall, I would definitely suggest checking out Kofoo and preferably with a group of 4+ people. With that crazy 120-item-filled menu (which is also full of set menu options), you'd be crazy to attempt conquering most of it with a small party. With a mix of classic Korean dishes and modern fusion influences, there's food to suit everyone. However do take note that Kofoo is a bit more expensive than your typical Korean restaurant and the portions can be small at times.

I wouldn't say that the food here was spectacular but it does provide a refreshing take on the traditional Korean dining scene. Look how amazing the warehouse-like decor is! I love the rustic feel of the interiors and the upbeat music playing in the background definitely added vibe to the atmosphere. Not bad for a new Korean joint :)

P.S. The food from this post was consumed over two visits - we dont have THAT big of an appetite to fit it all in one go :P

No clue where this place is? Find the 3 Monkeys Bar on George street and walk down Liverpool Street heading towards Darling Harbour and turn left at Sussex Street! Wow for some reason, in writing, that sounded more confusing...well I tried!

Kofoo Korean Food
347-353 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000
02 9261 2465

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