Domino's New Chef's Best Range

I don't normally review things like this but when your favourite pizza chain rocks up with a new range of pizzas, claiming that it wil be a game changer for the Australian pizza industry - you've got my attention. CUE: Domino's New Chef's Best Range.

Two weeks ago, the kind people at Dominos offered me the chance to sample the new range firsthand and both M and I were super excited. Domino's New Chef's Best Range is all about more for less - giving customers pizzas with more quality and more taste (and with more toppings) with a price point that is affordable (starting at $8).

Now personally I'm not that fussed over 'gourmet' options - after all a good Meat Lover or BBQ Chicken classic will make me very happy on a Friday night in front of the TV. However I do love to try new things and the New Chef's Best Range has some uber cool, premium restaurant ingredients such as peking duck, roast pork belly, blue cheese and shiraz lamb. 

I was offered a choice of two flavours from the new menu and I proceeded with the following. I probably should have tried the more unique flavours but being me, I chose the safe options :P

The Loaded Meatlovers was seriously pizza on steroids. M and I both agreed that there was definitely a huge increase in toppings and notice how big the slices of bacon are! We devoured each slice with immense pleasure as it was packed with a bucket load of fresh and flavoursome ingredients. Topped with a tasty BBQ sauce, it was surely a meat lover winner. 

After all who wouldn't be happy with THAT much BBQ roast pork, pepperoni, smoked leg ham, ground beef, rasher bacon, red onion & mozzarella?

Usually I am a loyal fan of Meat Lovers however surprisingly I found myself liking the Chicken & Camembert pizza even more. Topped generously with fresh ingredients such as seasoned chicken, camembert, rasher bacon, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, red onion, mozzarella and hollandaise - this option is not as heavy as the former and so perhaps the girls will favour this flavour more. 

It was cheesy but not overwhelming and the chicken was beautifully seasoned. Nevertheless, because we ate the meat lovers pizza first, this one felt more like a vegetarian pizza in comparison :P

After sampling the new range, I must say that I was quite impressed. Every bite was cheesy, juicy and bursting with flavour from the crazy load of toppings. The base was crispy and light, sitting in between thin and thick. I also loved the rectangular shape of the pizza as it made holding each slice so much easier. The only thing M commented on was that compared to the original round pizzas, the serving size may not be as filling. However do note that you do get almost double the toppings (at least that's what it felt like...) and you will end up feeling full quiet easily.

Overall I'd definitely recommend the new range to everyone. Especially if you're usually the unlucky one to get the slice of pizza that's always low on its share of toppings during pizza night! :)

To check out the other flavours, visit the link below and call up your local Domino's:

Disclaimer: Both pizzas were kindly provided by Domino's free of charge. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.