NaruOne Korean Restaurant

When almost every food blogger you follow on Instagram and Twitter goes nuts over a certain restaurant, claiming that they have the best Korean Fried Chicken, it's only a matter of time before the domino effect takes place and everyone is keen to try it out - including myself. NaruOne is a Korean restaurant subtly located on Pitt Street and is currently acclaimed for its fried chicken madness. Do note that the message has spread and you will find yourself in a line upon arrival - so come early and grab yourself a spot!

One thing to note is that NaruOne doesn't seem to have Korean BBQ on their menu at this if you're after some good old BBQ meat, find an alternative. This place is reserved for hearty hot pots and your classic korean fried chicken.

What's Korean without some side dishes to start? I seem to have a crazy obsession with fish cakes...

Again as I continue my journey in search for the best Korean Sundubu (Tofu Hot Pot), it's an absolute necessity that I order it at every Korean restaurant I visit. NaruOne's Seafood Spicy Soft Tofu Soup ($15) came in a cute and cosy size that may at first seem deceivingly small yet in fact, it's packed with hefty ingredients and a thick broth base. The chilli level were perfect for me - not too overwhelming or bland - however I felt that the soup was a tad too thick in consistency for me. M on the other hand, loved that it was so jam packed with tofu, egg and seafood goodies. On a cold evening, this will make you all warm and giddy inside nonetheless and so we slurped away happily.

Like most Korean joints, you can opt for a half and half option when it comes to chicken. We decided to get the Fried Chicken + Sweet & Spicy Sauce ($32) option 50/50 so to test out the varied flavours.

I definitely preferred the fried version - hot and fresh with insane crunches from the batter. It was tasty and very similar to KFC however it paled in comparison when it came to the seasoning. After all, no one can beat Wicked Wings and all its addictiveness. The great thing about NaruOne's chicken was that it wasn't oily, however at times I did get sick of eating all that batter. Personally I wasn't a fan of the sweet and spicy version as I found the sauce to be too sticky. 

Overall, NaruOne was a bit overrated for me. Yes, the chicken was delicious but to prescribe the title Best Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney? Hmm...debatable. However I am interested in trying out the Boneless Fried Chicken option on their menu some other time...after all, eating that plate above was no elegant affair :P

For those of you who are addicted to fried chicken, I would recommend trying out this other Korean restaurant, just one street behind Pitt Street on Castlereagh, called Haru. So far that's my favourite hotspot when it comes to Korean Fried Chicken, especially the soy version. I had reviewed it quite a while ago: Haru

I think I will definitely return to NaruOne on another occasion and give some of the other options a go - especially the Spring Onion one...

Look out for the bright red sign and then proceed down the stairs and you'll find NaruOne!

Korean Restaurant
375 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000
P: 9261 2680

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