Shanghai + Seoul Holiday Eats

After a 1 month+ break from blogging, it's time for a quick update! For the past 4 weeks, my stomach has been spoilt rotten with so much yummy food from Shanghai and Seoul. I've eaten so much that as soon as I've come back, I joined the gym :P 


Who can resist a good Sago dessert, especially in 40 degrees heat?! Yeah that's how hot it was back in Shanghai. These lovely goodies are from Honeymoon Dessert.

Shrimp Pork Wontons - massive in size and packed with juicy fillings.

Fishball Noodles and Champagne Milk Tea @ Tsui Wah Restaurant.

Japanese Miso Cod and Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ Meat) @ Xiao Nan Guo.

Famous Shanghainese Xiao Long Baos from Nan Xiang Xiao Long Mantou @ City God Temple (城隍庙). M & I had one each and left wanting more...

My favourite Custard Puffs from Beard Papa!

Italian feast with this 1 kilo steak as a starter @ Top Chef - cooked perfectly!

Tiramisu @ Top Chef.

Wagyu and Seafood Hot Pot @ Guo De - love loved it!

Amazing Napolean cake from Xin Tian Di Style - layers of pastry and fresh cream custard is always a fabulous idea!

My favourite Chocolate joint in Shanghai - Awfully Chocolate serves the best Mud Cake I've ever had as well as a killer Chocolate flavoured Ice Cream. 

"Thousand Layer" Chocolate Mille Feuille @ Awfully Chocolate - look at all those layers!

Fresh Juice and Iced Cappucinos @ Park Hyatt Level 91 - currently the tallest building in Shanghai.

Custard Cannoli @ IFC Mall - the custard is cooled so it tastes like ice cream *swoon*.

Fresh Salmon Sashimi @ Haiku - a modern Japanese eatery @ IFC Mall.

The Motorola Roll @ Haiku - one of the best sushi rolls I've ever tasted.

Glossy Unagi @ Haiku.

Soft Poached Organic Egg with Mayo @ Mr & Mrs Bund - currently listed as no. 43 on the worlds Top 50 Best Restaurants List. Unfortunately both M & I were a bit disappointed as the food was soso.

The Golden Pork Grenoblose @ Mr & Mrs Bund.

Crazy Seafood and Dessert selection @ the Shangri La Buffet.

Snacked on Crispy Frog Legs whilst Karaoke-ing @ Taipei K.

Glazed Duck stuffed with rice, chestnuts and other yummy goodies @ Xin Yuan (新苑私房菜).

Shrimp and Prawns @ Xin Yuan (新苑私房菜).

The infamous Shanghai Style Pork Belly @ Xin Yuan (新苑私房菜).

Fried Dumplings @ Yang's Dumplings (小杨生煎) - literally a mouthful of soup comes spilling out upon one teeny bite!


Afternoon tea @ Cova - gorgeous slice of Strawberry Custard Napolean Cake.

Afternoon tea @ Cova - Mango & Chocolate Cake was just as good.

One of the most golden and crispy Fried Fish ever tasted @ Xin Rong Ji (新荣记).

Crispy Chicken @ 苏浙汇.

Who can resist a Dark Chocolate Honey Toast with Strawberry and Custard? @ Dazzling Cafe.

Mango Slushie + Strawberry Cherry Iced Tea @ Dazzling Cafe - perfect for the summer heat.

Spicy Fish @ 古意湘味浓 - a popular restaurant in Shanghai specialising in Spicy dishes.

Pineapple Bun Cha Siu Bao @ K11 鸿星荟 Yum Cha - pretty freaking amazing.

Fish Dumplings @ K11 鸿星荟 Yum Cha - too cute to eat!

Second round of Wagyu + Seafood Hot Pot @ 新花城 - we demolished 4 plates of meat. That is all.

Fried Squid Dough @ Charme (港丽餐厅) - crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, very yummy.

Fantastic Mud Cake Selection @ Black Magic Chocolate.


First meal was some good old BBQ Meat and a massive Hot Pot filled with Spam, Sausages and Ramyun :D

Strawberry Milk tastes so nice!

My favourite Korean Hot Pot - Sundubu - Soft Tofu Stew.

Seoul has the cutest cake selection - I want to have one of each!

Korean Seafood Pancake - can you get any more golden and crispy? 

Banana Milk - was so excited to try it! 

Korean Fried Rice, Lunch-Box Style - shake shake shake!

Tonkatsu + Udon - yum!

As you can see, I was quite busy on the food side of things haha!
Overall it was a great foodie holiday and I look forward to going back again next year for some new finds :)