So about one year ago, I fell in love...with frozen yogurt. Ever since then frozen yogurt has become a part of my stable diet - by that I mean I need to consume it on a regular basis to maintain functionality. MooBerry is super cool froozen yogurt store situated in Newtown and has been open for about one year - not only do they have awesome froyo but also chocolately desserts, smoothies and affogatos. In need of a sugar fix? They've got you covered.

I was invited by the owner to try out MooBerry and I was quite intrigued because the name itself caught my attention.

First of all, how amazing is the decor? It definitely stands out on the Newtown strip. When I first walked in, I thought I fell into Froyo In Wonderland with all the vertical grass walls, mirror frames, bold stripes and flashing purples.

The atmosphere is very inviting on the whole and the staff are super friendly - double thumbs up for service!

So...I was told that usually there are always 4 flavours available at MooBerry - Coconut is their most famous one and so it's almost always available. On that night the other 3 choices were Original, Watermelon and Mocha. 

What I love most about MooBerry is that apart from Froyo, they have a wealth of other desserts including Belgian Waffles, Dark Chocolate Souffle, Churros and Hot Drinks. They even have froyo-made smoothies, which sounds pretty awesome when Summer kicks in.

Like most froyo places, plenty of toppings to go around. However MooBerry should get a special mention in that they are the only froyo place I have been to so far that has Golden Gaytime Crumble as a topping - that is a winner.

Here are the various sizes you can choose from...Belgium Chocolate Shots sure sounds interesting.

Love the label Chocolate Cigars :P

We were offered the Watermelon/Original Froyo with Golden Gaytime Crumble which was ah-mazing! The watermelon was nice and refreshing but to be honest I think the crumble didn't match the flavour so well. With watermelon froyo flavours I prefer fruit or mochi. I think the crumble would have done better with Mocha - nevertheless I can tell you all those crumbles were legit delicious. I could eat them on its own all day...and night.

We then tried the Belgian Waffle with Banana & Strawberry + Coconut Froyo. I can see why Coconut is their most famous flavour - it was addictively delicious without an overbearing sweetness. The coconut flavour wasn't too strong, which is why I liked it!

The waffles were also fantastic! I have very high standards for waffles and I'd give this an 8/10. The melted chocolate was rich and creamy - it proved to be a good match with the waffles + coconut froyo. Proportion size was also very generous and filling for two. All in all, a great winter dessert treat! 

We were kindly offered to try the affogato and other flavours of the froyo but both M & I were so full from dinner that we just couldn't fit in anymore. Will definitely head back here next time we are in Newtown to try everything else.

Overall I really enjoyed MooBerry - it's very different to the other froyo stores I've been to. Decor and ambience wise, this place is very cheerful and fun, making it a great place to check out with friends. If you don't like froyo, you can simply opt for the other million things on the menu - the churros and affogato sounds pretty freaking good. 

Yum...those waffles were yummy!

It's still quite cold in Sydney these days, especially at night, which makes one of these options quite tempting. I am eyeing the Nutella Hot Chocolate...just saying...

MooBerry is near Mad Mex and Max Brenner on the main street of Newtown aka. King Street. It's roughly a 10 minute walk from the station but you could always take a quick bus trip - around 1-2 stops and you're there!

Real Froyo & Smoothies
160 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 4208

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