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If you are a true burger lover, this blog post is basically old news for you. For those of you who are in the know, aka burger addicts/hunters, Chur Burger would definitely ring a familiar bell. Considered to be one of the latest hot spots in Sydney, there's definitely a buzz circulating around this new burger joint - at least on Instagram there is!

How did I find out about Chur? Well lets just say Instagram keeps me updated on all things new and trendy. Perhaps that explains my unhealthy addiction to said app. A fellow colleague had also visited and praised its amazingness, so a few weeks ago M & I decided to check it out. Chur is located on Albion Street (where former Albion Steet Kitchen was) and is within walking distance from Central Station which is always a big tick for me and fellow heel wearers :P

The menu is nice and simple - I think when we went, it was quite early in the evening and so  it was still the "lunch menu".

When I saw Milo Milkshake ($8) on the menu, my heart stopped with excitement. A classic childhood favourite turned into a sweet frothy milkshake? YES PLEASE! I haven't had Milo for so long and so the first sip not only brought back happy memories but it was truly delicious. Not overly sweet or sickening, it was the PERFECT milkshake. Slightly different to Chocolate flavour because the Milo flavour was distinct and hallelujah for that. Forget calorie counting, you gotta finish this whole thing. So keen to try the other milkshake flavours too!

I ordered the Crumbed Fish Fillet Burger with Pickled Cucumber, Lemon Mayo & Dill ($10) and I must say it was quite interesting. The fish fillets were beautifully crumbed and produced a mighty crunch when you bit into it. The flesh of the fish was also very tender and piping hot. However I wasn't a big fan of the lemon mayo and dill - a bit too overpowering and tangy for my liking? Overall it didn't really wow me because I felt that there wasn't enough flavour - guess I should've stuck with a chicken or beef order.

M ordered the Grilled Beef Burger ($10) with Cheese, Tomato Jam, Mustard Mayo & Pickle, which turned out to be a tasty success. The juicy beef pattie was wedged in between a slightly crisp but fluffy brioche bun with cheese drizzling everywhere - seriously every burger lover's must-try. Do note that eating these burgers will be a messy affair but surely that's the last thing you're concerned about!

On the whole, Chur was soso for me but M really enjoyed it. He still ranks Mary's as no.1 but did comment to say that if he hadn't been to Mary's, the beef burger here would've been his top choice in Sydney thus far. The milkshake however was super memorable for me - everytime we drive by Chur now I am tempted to run in and grab one (dying to try strawberry!!!). 

I absolutely adore the interiors of Chur - it's fun and quirky in colour and design and was generally really welcoming. Staff were friendly and attentive plus the food came quickly - although we did go when it was not so busy. Prices are also very affordable which coincides with Chur's philosophy of "great burgers with great prices".

My colleague had visited in the later hours and mentioned how awesome the atmosphere here was when it was buzzing with people at night.

And how cool is this graffiti wall? You can't miss it!

Chur Burger
48 Albion Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 9212 7979

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