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I recently read an article that talked about the increasing popularity of "brunching" in Sydney - gone are the days of 3 hour degustations, we are now embracing an era of morning sun, hot cappuccinos or detox juices, sourdough toasts and other forms of glory associated with the art of brunching. If you are a fellow bruncher, it is of absolute imperative that you add Devon Cafe to your list for this coming weekend. It's level of amazingness is beyond description.

Situated conveniently near Central Station on Devonshire Street, Devon is all easy access for those who commute via public transport or if you prefer to drive, make sure you get there early to score some parking in front of the Cafe. We were so lucky to get a spot last Saturday :)

Unfortunately we were also unlucky in respect to the fact that we had just missed the old menu with all its classic dishes such as the ultimate truffle toastie and spanner crab pasta. I was so devastated because I had been meaning to try those signature dishes for a long time - the flood of foodporn images on my Instagram was overflowing with Devon Cafe for the past few weeks. I guess this is what happens when you don't action immediately :( Here are the specials from the current Spring menu.

Do note that if you want the lunch menu items, you have to come later after 12pm - we tried to order it at 11:25am and it was a no go. HOWEVER you also run the risk of missing out on the breakfast items when you come later because they tend to sell out fast. The choice is yours - which risk do you want to take? Because we tried the breakfast items this time round, our next visit will target the lunch menu.

We were seated at the back in the semi outdoor area where rays of sunlight would shine in - it was such a brunchy atmosphere and genuinely very relaxing and beautiful. Absolutely adored the cute sunflower vase on our table, it added that touch of warmth to the ambience.

To start off our Saturday morning, M ordered the Ice Mocha ($6.50) and I went with my classic order of Cappuccino ($3.50). Although my cap was deliciously frothy and perfectly made, it did pale in comparison to M's Ice Mocha. You may be thinking...$6.50 for a drink is very exxy BUT I reassure you, it's totally worth it. I haven't had such a decent Ice Mocha for so long - usually it's either too sweet or too bitter or too creamy or to sickening...etc. This one was fantastically balanced between chocolate and coffee flavours and because I'm a fan of novelty, I loved the glass jar it came in! They did mention on the drinks menu that the iced drinks were their specialty so the next time we go, I'm definitely ordering the Ice Coffee or Chocolate.

We were struggling to decide what to order from the menu - everything sounded so luxe and scrumptious. Eventually we made up our minds and for me, I opted for Breakfast With The Sakuma's ($24.50) which consisted of an irresistible mix of miso grilled king salmon, smoked eel croquette, 63' egg, radish petit salad and kewpi mayonnaise. 

The salmon was fresh and tender, generously flavoured and perhaps slightly on the saltier side. However to counteract that, I just mixed it with the eel croquette and that helped to balance out the flavours. The egg was absolutely amazing because it just oozed out onto the plate and everything was just a gooey affair of yumminess. The addition of Japanese mayo is always welcome as it stands alone in fabulousness - not to mention when mixed in with food. Overall a very tasty dish that I'd recommend!

For M, he decided to go with the Ogre 'Happy Meal' ($21), which consisted of ox-tongue, hash potatoes, cauliflower puree, picked onion & fried egg. The ox-tongue was tender but chewy and rich in flavour. Loved the hash potatoes, they were slightly crispy on the edges and went so well with the elements of the dish. The egg was also perfectly fried to produce a bounciness in each bite of the egg whites - I stole quite a few spoonfuls from M's happy meal :)

Although our mains were quite filling, we couldn't pass on the Nutella Banana Muffin ($4.50) - after all, that would just be wrong. Do note that it's not on the menu but it is near the counter where all the sweets and pastries are located. Just ask the staff about it!

Topped with a generous dollop of the godly goodness that is known as Nutella, the muffin was fresh and every bit as good as it sounds. Think chocolate banana bread on steroids.

The edges of the muffin were slightly crunchy and was a nice textural contrast with the soft fluffy innards. We tried to evenly distribute the Nutella with each spoonful to maximise the utility of experience - smart yes?

Unfortunately because we were simply so full and the muffin size was so gigantic, we couldn't finish this divine plate of deliciousness.

This image below encapsulate the definition of a good Saturday brunch!

Staff were super friendly and relaxed which contributed to the lovely atmosphere of the cafe.

A gorgeous plant wall is on full display as you walk towards the outdoor area.

How nice is the outdoor area? Perfect location for a relaxing brunch session.

Just make sure you go when the weather forecast is nice and sunny - because rainy days just don't go well with brunching.

Overall, both M & I loved our experience at Devon Cafe. Sure the food's not super cheap but it is worth every penny. The dishes are unique in its use of quality ingredients and manner of execution - they were simply delicious. Apart from the conventional breakfast orders such as toast and eggs, Devon truly stands out in their offerings of something different. Ambience is also fantastic and service is friendly. 

Have you tried Devon Cafe yet?

Devon Cafe
76 Devonshire Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 9211 8777

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