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This post is so overdue that it is not even funny. BUT late is better than never.
Anyways considering how popular brunching is as of late in Sydney, I thought the timing to blog about Excelsior Jones couldn't have been more relevant. It's definitely refreshing to see a nice cafe that's not based in the City (e.g. Surry Hills) especially if you reside near the Inner West. 

Excelsior Jones is located in the buzzing hub of Ashfield - a suburb most famous for its wealth of Chinese (especially Shanghainese) restaurants and their dumplings. So you could imagine my surprise when I realised the existence of a brunchy/cafe place!

When we arrived, we were surprised to see a line of people waiting. But at the same time it excited me because that meant this place must be really good.  Do note though if you arrive later than 12pm, some breakfast items will no longer be available for order, as we discovered :(

There's not alot on the menu but the quality of the options will suffice. Like most cafes, Excelsior Jones offers yummy treats and drinks that are not permanent on the menu so make sure to check the blackboard and ask the staff if they have any daily or seasonal specials.

I came with the mindset of consuming copius amounts of caffeine yet at the last minute, by impulse, I decided to try out the Blood Orange Apple & Ginger Juice ($6). The staff were kind enough to let me try a sample first because I was concerned whether the ginger would be too overpowering. It proved to be super refreshing and sweet - the hint of ginger was very subtle. However after 5 minutes and 10 yawns later, I regretted immensely not ordering a Cappucino. Indecisive me - as always! But all was good because I just drank half of M's Ice Coffee ($5.50) and ate most of the vanilla ice cream floating inside  :)

The beautiful dish you see in front of the burger would be my scrumptious order of Pork Hock with Pearl Shallots, Fried Buckwheat, Poached Egg & Fresh Herbs ($16). The genius combination of crispy potatoes, pork and a gooey egg was topped off with some tasty seasoning from the herbs. Super delicious and the perfect order for brunch.

For M, as long as he sees burger on the menu, the decision has been made. The Cheeseburger ($16) came in its perfect size packed with Grass Fed Angus Beef, Gruyere, Tomato Relish, Aioli and Fried Spuds. The brioche burger bun was a winner and the meat was very juicy and tender. The cheese melted right into the meat and so the flavours were bursting. Quite the burger! Oh and don't expect to eat this in any elegant manner at all - it's designed to be a messy but oh-so-yummy affair. I also loved the fried spuds - super addictive with some tomato sauce.

Overall we were quite happy with our brunch feast at Excelsior Jones. However if I had to bring up a negative it would be the atmosphere inside the cafe. Lighting wasn't so great and the place was quite loud. Nevertheless staff were very friendly and helpful with orders.

If you're after some sweet treats, make sure you check out the counter where all the goodies are sitting.

Do also note that the kitchen closes at 3pm!

Oh and good news for those who drive - there's alot of street parking available near Excelsior Jones :)

Excelsior Jones
139A Queen Street
Ashfield NSW 2131
02 9799 3240


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