The Choc Pot

Do you like chocolate? Because I don't.
I LOVE chocolate.

Chocolate waffles, chocolate fondant, chocolate crepes, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate milkshake, chocolate anything, you name it - I'm there. Therefore it brings me great excitement to say that I have officially discovered a new chocolate haven and to make things better, this fantastic place is only 5 minutes away from where I live (Burwood precisely). Interestingly enough, my gym is also within 5 minutes of where I live...but let's face it, the preferred choice is clear.

Without further ado, please let me formally introduce you to The Choc Pot - where diets are broken and you don't regret it!

The Choc Pot opened roughly 3-4 weeks ago in Burwood as a Chocolate Dessert Bar and I was invited to try out some desserts and drinks. In fact they are celebrating their one month anniversary this Sunday the 27th October so if you hop in, you get a free drink with any dessert you order.

So what's the story behind The Choc Pot?

Ash is the chef (and mastermind) behind The Choc Pot "who gave up medicine to pursue his culinary dreams. He makes fresh, home-made chocolate desserts in the cafe's open plan kitchen using quality ingredients such as Callebaut chocolate, free-range eggs and jersey milk." 

Not only is Ash super nice in person but you can really tell that he is very passionate about what he does. Everything at The Choc Pot is freshly made in store - Ash even hand makes the waffle/souffle batter and marshmallows! You can see him in action when you pop in.

The decor is also very warm and inviting - bright pops of yellow against a rustic-like setting. The atmosphere is very cosy and staff are equally bright and cheerful. It's the enthusiastic energy of this place that adds to its amazingness!

We start off the night with Milk Hot Chocolate ($5) which proves to be a winner within a few sips. Usually I am hesitant about ordering Hot Chocolate because most places make it too sweet and it can become quite sickening after a few gulps. However this one here is just right - smooth and creamy but not too thick or sweet. The perfect warm drink for a breezy night out.

You know how every place usually has that one thing you MUST order because it would be a crime not to? Well at The Choc Pot, if you are only going to order one thing, make sure it's the Molten Choc Pot ($14).

Now just pause for one second and look at the visual below.
Do I really need to describe it any further with flowery words? No I don't think so.

And YES, it tastes as good as it looks. In fact, even better.
Chocolate Fondant/Souffle is a huge weakness of mine (and M's) and so we literally gasped in joy when this was served. Overflowing with indulgent chocolatey goodness out of a cute pot, there was a  delectable balance of melted chocolate and fudge like cake pieces - everything just meshed together and with ice was simply divine. Pretty sure M and I had a silent battle to see who could scoop out more from the pot...

Next up was the White Choc Panna Cotta Splice ($14) - this was an interesting one and not what I expected. Usually Panna Cotta has that tofu-like texture but the one here is more like a rich mousse. It was very smooth and creamy but also not sickening sweet - the flavours are balanced and quite addictive. At first I thought we wouldn't finish it but we ended up spooning everything out - it was delicious! The splice sauce of pineapple and mint was a nice addition in offsetting the rich flavours, making it more refreshing for the taste buds.

The following desserts were eaten at two separate occasions within two weeks of our first visit.

The Home Made Choc Pot Waffles ($14) were also phenomenal. Both M and I are quite picky with our waffles and so far in Sydney there are only a handful of places where we approve of. The Choc Pot has successfully made that list. The generous drizzle of melted chocolate was all kinds of mind-blowing great, especially in combination with the chunky fresh strawberry slices and the creamy vanilla ice cream. The waffles itself is made fresh in store and is super crispy on the outer edges. We were both going at it like there was no tomorrow - safe to say, we demolished the plate.

The Hot Fudge Cake Sundae ($14) is relatively new to the menu and is also a scrumptious treat for those with a mighty sweet tooth.  Think of it as a warm brownie slice slabbed with melted chocolate, whipped cream and ice cream. It really will push you into a sugar coma - one that you be pleased to stay in. The combination of chocolate fudge bits mixed with cream and gooey melted chocolate...that feeling is pure infatuation.

Beyond what's on the menu, The Choc Pot also provides additional sweet offerings near the counter and I think this is constantly changing so you could be in for a surprise. Think cheesecakes, fudge brownies and tarts :)

I have my eyes on this number for my next visit...which I foresee to be within the next 3 days.

Overall you can see that there is no denying how much M and I love this place. I mean, you know a place is good when we go visit two more times right after the initial visit within two weeks...yep the owners officially know us! 

Conveniently located two minutes from Burwood Station and right across from Burwood Plaza (within the newly built complexes), The Choc Pot is the ultimate destination for a dose of good chocolate and friendly service. 

Oh but in all seriousness, maybe going to the gym after would be a good idea...

The Choc Pot
7/1 Railway Parade
Burwood NSW 2134

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