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Darling Harbour is renowned for its strip of restaurants and it is my go-to location for decent meals with spectacular views - especially if you're lucky enough to catch the fireworks every odd Saturday here and there. Last week I was invited to Nick's Seafood - a restaurant I've always wanted to try out but never had the chance to. Situated on the Cockle Bay Wharf side, the Nick's is an elegant dining space that serves fantastic seafood dishes and killer desserts.

Located next to I'm Angus, you won't miss Nick's - it occupies a relatively large space of the Cockle Bay Wharf strip and you walk in through a hedge entrance.

Unfortunately it was a rainy day and so a nice water view table didn't do much justice. I can imagine how lovely this table would have been on a warm sunny day for lunch.

Apart from an extensive menu, Nick's also offers specials and Chef's Suggestions, which is showcased on a large board that moves around the restaurant. As per usual, too much choice can sometimes be frustrating because then M & I struggle to make a decision as to what to order. Then again, it's the best kind of dilemma possible!

We start the night with some lovely Garlic Bread ($4.50) which turns out to be the best decision of the night. As it was a cold and rainy evening, the warm but crunchy garlic bread was comfort food to the max. It was probably one of the best I've ever had. Even M applauded my choice.

My entree of Alaskan King Crab Ravioli ($22) was an absolute stunner! Accompanied by Wilted Baby Spinach and Pernod Cream, the ravioli dumplings were filled with soft and succulent crab meat that was delicate to bite into but super tasty. I especially enjoyed the sauce and the side of spinach - a fantastic choice for an entree.

M's Garlic Prawns ($21) with Olive Oil, Garlic and Chilli was also a tasty treat. The prawns were generous in size and bursting with flavour from the array of seasoning. They came nice and hot, matching well with the bread slices. Both entrees were delicious and great in terms of proportion size.

For my main, I decided to go with something light and opted for my favourite fish, the Grilled Local John Dory Fillet ($46) which came with a side of either Salad or Chips. The fish was beautifully cooked and very tended with a splash of creamy sauce to add some flavour. I would've liked it to be more seasoned but for a light meal, it wasn't too bad of a choice. FYI you can choose to either have it grilled or fried. Cheers to me for opting for the healthier version. 

M's Chargrilled Grainfed Scotch Fillet ($42) was one massive dish! The steak was chargrilled to produce a nice textural contrast between the outer edges and the juicy medium rare innards. The Creamy Mash, Caremelised Baby Onions and Port Jus complimented the steak and I was guilty of stealing a handful of the mash. M was so full after his main that he couldn't eat much of the dessert - definitely a substantial main.

Even though it was pouring, nothing could stop my excitement about dessert. It is seriously the best part of any meal. Period.

This White Chocolate and Raspberry Creme Brulee ($14) with Almond Shortbread was absolutely amazing. Upon breaking into the layer of hard caramel, a super smooth custard base was revealed. The texture was more like a panna cotta to be honest and was very velvety and rich with white chocolate and raspberry flavours. Sweet, creamy and insanely addictive!

The Belgian Double Chocolate Fondant ($14) with White Chocolate Ice Cream is also a safe and classic order that will not disappoint.

Although the melted chocolate innards didn't flow out and ooze as much as we would've liked, it was still a rich and decadant chocolate treat. The best thing about fondants is the textural contrast of the liquid chocolate with the fluffiness of the brownie-like cake. Yum...

Nick's Seafood occupies a spacious area - much larger than I had thought. The interiors are simple and classic, perfect for a weekend lunch or dinner.

Staff are very friendly and service is great - thanks again for having us!

Overall we enjoyed our experience at Nick's, especially our entrees. They were absolutely delicious and even now I am craving some more of that ravioli. The mains were also nice but perhaps a little on the pricier side. Come here when the weather's nice and any special occasion will be made even better by the stunning views and delicious food.

Nick's Seafood Restaurant
The Promenade
Cockle Bay Wharf
Sydney NSW 2000
1300 989 989

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