The Paramount Coffee Project

Keeping up with Sydney's latest cafes and trendy brunch spots has become a skill itself however I must say that I have no excuse for being late on the PCP bandwagon. If you have spotted a particular burger popping up on your screens every now and then, chances are it's the famous Crab Po Boy from Paramount Coffee Project - aka. the cafe that "everyone" is heading to this month (last month and maybe the month before that too). Honestly I just cannot keep up!

Reflective of most other brunch formulas, PCP is located in the buzzing hub of Surry Hills whereby cafe culture is exponentially increasing by the day and getting a seat on a weekend is becoming more challenging than ever. I think we were lucky that we only waited 15-20minutes! Oh and we were super lucky to get a parking spot right outside the cafe :D

PCP may look spacious but in reality it fits less than you'd expect. I do love the open space feel, allowing the area to feel very airy and free. The communal tables and buzzing atmosphere also instills a warm and welcoming ambience to the cafe and how gorgeous are the blooms? The decor is clean and sharp with modern but rustic influences.

I realised that PCP doesn't have a website yet so for those who haven't been, here are the menus for your reference :)

As per usual I went with my failsafe order of Cappucino which was absolutely beautiful and rich with strong flavours. However M's Chocolate Chip Milkshake ($8) totally triumphed my boring coffee - which is fine because I ended up drinking half of it anyway! The milkshake was nice and creamy with yummy chunks of chocolate chip here and thereā€¦so good!

The hero of the show, aka The Crab Po Boy ($18) did not disappoint at all. The milk bun was slightly crispy and flaky on the outside but super fluffy and buttery within. The soft shell crab was deep fried to perfection in all its crunchiness (minus the oiliness) and each bite was as juicy and succulent as the next. Topped with slaw and drizzled with ranch dressing, the tangy flavours contrasted well with the crab and the brioche bun. Quite the unique burger and a must-order!

Unfortunately I wasn't so happy with my order of the Cajun Blackened Fish ($18) with charred lime and creole potato salad. The fish was nicely cooked and full of flavour with strong hints of spiciness however at times I felt like it tasted a bit too "burnt"? I also wasn't a fan of the potato salad - I think everything was too zesty for me. Overall it was a bit of a disappointment.

My overall feelings towards PCP is quite mixed - whilst I loved the crab po boy burger and the milkshake, I felt that the prices of the menu were quite exxy and the cajun fish was definitely disappointing. Nevertheless the atmosphere here is great on a lovely morning or afternoon, especially when the weather is on your side and you're feeling like a good cup of coffee.

Have you tried The Paramount Coffee Project? Do you think it lives up to its hype?

The Paramount Coffee Project
80 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9211 1122

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