Highlights of 2013

2013 is slowly coming to an end and I am happy to conclude that my tummy has been very well spoilt this year. I was reflecting on my 2012 recap blog post and by comparison I've come to realise that my dessert consumption has risen exponentially. Concern has been expressed by friends who have somehow convinced me to join the gym this year - yes a huge miracle and YES I have been going still. Another miracle.

Anyhow here's a quick (but not really because there's like 80 photos) recap of some foodie highlights for me in 2013 - especially the sweet ones :)

2013 was definitely the year where I embraced the brunching trend - all day breakfasts and anything with egg, be it fried, boiled or poached, was the epitome of amazing.

Devon Cafe
Hardware Societe (Melbourne)
Excelsior Jones 
Uliveto Cafe
Iconic Cafe
Trio Cafe 
The Paramount Coffee Project
Three Williams

2013 was another year of trying some mighty fancy fine dining restaurants which I enjoyed immensely. What's not to like about 3 course meals?


BLACK by Ezard

Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse
Guillaume by Bennelong
Otto Ristorante
China Doll

2013 was a year where too many new places opened up and I found it super hard to keep up. That and Instagram made me salivate non stop whilst I added all these new foodie spots to my never ending list of places to try.

Chanoma Cafe 
Coco Cubano 
Pho An
Chur Burger 
Lord Of The Fries
Golden Century
Nick's Seafood
The Eight
Mary's Newtown
China Republic
The Meat & Wine Co

2013 was also a year of fun and festivities - a summer road trip with friends, Taste of Sydney 2013, endless birthday cakes (no complaints here, bring on more cakes!), birthday cake vodka shots, a trip to Shanghai and Seoul, my 21st birthday, a one-day trip to Melbourne, baby showers, and of course ending the year with a scrumptious Christmas dinner at Cafe Sydney. Oh that and a uber cute Santa cream cake to celebrate! 

Pimms & Lemonade (Road Trip Culburra Beach)
Fruit Salad & Sangria (Road Trip Culburra Beach)

Taste of Sydney 2013

Tiramisu Cake from 85 Degrees
Self-Made Cupcakes for M's 21st Birthday

M's 21st Birthday at Catalina

M and I's Joint 21st Tiramisu Birthday Cake from Rhodes

My 21st Birthday at Catalina

My 21st Birthday AGAIN at Aria

Birthday Cake Vodka Shots

Melbourne Trip Macaron Tower

Korean Banquet Showcase Event

Baby Shower Feast

Santa Cream Cake From Hello Happy

Christmas Eve Dinner at Cafe Sydney

As mentioned before, 2013 was a year where I developed a super sweet tooth and upped my sugar intake and tolerance. It was a great year discovering some awesome and unforgettable desserts that made me oh so happy!


The Sailor's Club

The Sailor's Club

Jones The Grocer

Otto Ristorante

Movenpick Stracciatella Flavour (BEST ICE CREAM)

Cafe Sydney

DIY Magnums


The Choc Pot
The Choc Pot

The Choc Pot

The Choc Pot

Shanghai - Honeymoon Dessert

Shanghai - Napolean Cake

Shanghai - Beard Papa Cream Custard Puffs

Shanghai - Coya Strawberry Pastry Napolean

Lesson for 2013? This quote basically sums it up for me.

It really has been a crazy year and the above photos don't even cover 1/50 of all the food I've eaten. I guess I should thank my friends for forcing me to join the gym hey?



Thank you to M for accompanying me to all my food adventures and being forever patient with my endless taking of photos prior to demolishing the meal. Thank you also to all my blog readers! It has been a great year for me meeting a handful of fellow food bloggers and going to a few foodie events.

2014 will be quite significant for me as it is my last year of Uni and I'm also planning on making some big changes for the blog...so stay tuned!

As cliched as it sounds...here's to a happier and even yummier 2014!
Happy New Year everyone :)