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The first time I saw the sign for Harajuku Gyoza opening up at Potts Point, I remember jumping with excitement because it was a close 2 minute walk from where I work. But for some reason I didn't physically try out the place until recently (no idea where that delay came from) and it definitely lives up to the cute and quirky hype. If you have severe dumpling cravings that need to be satiated, trust that Harajuku Gyoza will sort you out.

How adorable is this cartoon gyoza signage? 

Harajuku Gyoza is situated on Bayswater Road at Potts Point which is a 3 minute walk from Kings Cross Station. The menu is predominantly focused on dumplings of all sorts - be it grilled, poached or stuffed with sweet fillings in addition to sides and izakaya dishes. Great for happy hour feed!

The restaurant interiors are very modern, filled with bold black hues, vibrant reds and iridescent lights. As we walked in, we were greeted in Japanese by the friendly and cheery staff.

I loved all the quirky plates displayed on this wall - it felt like I was in Japan again.

Apart from comfortable table seating, you can also opt to sit on the barstools.

The plates are seriously too cute! Note that apart from the standard dishes on the menu, Harajuku also serves specials - as you can see below, the Lobster Tail Gyoza was screaming to be ordered. Also the Salted Caramel Gyoza...

We start off our dumpling feast with the Grilled Whole Prawn ($8 for 3pcs) which were so deliciously succulent that I begged M for the extra one. The dumpling skin was nice and thin with just the right amount of crisp whilst the whole prawn was nice and juicy. Dip in some soy sauce with vinegar and chilli for a boost in flavour.

The Poached Duck ($8 for 5pcs) was quite interesting because it was the first time I tried dumplings with duck filling. The duck taste was quite evident and fragrant but personally I preferred the grilled version because the poached dumplings taste too similar to the ones I eat at home.

The special for the night proved to be a worthwhile order - the Lobster Tail Gyoza ($12 for 5pcs) was nicely fried to produce a charcoal-like crispy base and the fillings were generously stuffed with sweet lobster meat. Served steaming hot, this was delicious!

The Grilled Pork ($8 for 5pcs) was your standard gyoza order - classic and tasty with a flavoursome pork filling. You can't go wrong with this one.

Our highlight for the night was the Pork Belly Kakuni ($13) which were so tender that they literally melted in our mouths. These glorious cubes of kakuni were packed with sweet and savoury flavours from the unique sauce. The ratio of fat to meat was also great. We ordered a bowl of Steamed Rice ($3) so to enjoy the flavoursome cubes of pork belly to its full potential. Seriously I would just pour that sauce all over the rice and eat it by itself...it's THAT good.

For dessert, we also opted for the special addition from the menu. The Salted Caramel Gyoza with Ice Cream ($9) was so gloriously good that M was tempted to order a second plate. The gyozas were fried with extra crunch in comparison to the savoury ones and was filled with a decadent dollop of salted caramel and rich chocolate-brownie-like filling.

Matched with the creamy vanilla ice cream, these tasty morsels were simply divine. Kind of like fried mars bar but with a Japanese twist.

Overall the dumpling feast at Harajuku Gyoza was fantastic! Both M and I loved all the savoury dishes as well as the sweet treats towards the end. The izakaya style of the restaurant makes the vibe very energetic and fun, great for post-work drinks or casual catchups with friends. Service was also very attentive and the food was served fast. Would definitely return the next time I'm craving some dumplings! :)

Harajuku Gyoza
9-15 Bayswater Road
Potts Point NSW 2011
02 9356 3834


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