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One of my New Years resolutions for 2014 is to jump on the bandwagon earlier than I usually do. 20 existing blog reviews and a zillion Instagram shots later, here's my take on the latest "talk of the town" cafe, Three Williams. Wait. Who am I kidding? In the food blogger sphere, there's already a "newer" place that's got everyone talking.

Regardless, some extra food porn images won't do anyone any harm - gosh looking back, that Egg and Bacon Burger looks pretty amazing...

I must say, it has been a while since I've ventured out to Redfern and it was nice to find Three Williams situated in a quiet location with ample parking nearby. That's rare to find at the other places *cough Surry Hills* (where pretty much every other cool restaurant is located).

As you walk into the cafe, you'll see that Three Williams has also embraced the semi-industrial look for their interiors with the open kitchen situated smack bang in the middle. There's quite a lot of seating but do get there early or else you'll find yourself waiting! 

Kitchen is open 7am-3pm and features an All Day menu with items that resonate as Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch Orders. Everything sounds pretty awesome on the menu and proportions are substantial, so best to come with an empty stomach I say.

As per usual, M orders a chilling Iced Coffee ($5) whilst I go for my classic Skim Cappuccino ($3.50). Both coffees, cold and hot, was fantastic! The Iced Coffee in particular wasn't overly sweet and had a nice strong coffee scent, which is just the way I like it. My Skim Cap was also nice and creamy with a smooth frothy finish.

We started off with the cutest dish alive - Fish Croquettes with Lemon & Aioli ($3 each). These beautifully golden morsels of fried crunchy goodness came in mini egg cartons and as I broke into one, a slight steam evaporated from within. The fish innards are deliriously fluffy and super tasty, serving as a nice contrast with the crispy outer edges. If we hadn't ordered more food, I would've ordered one more!

One of the dishes that I was anticipating the most was The Merchant ($12) which consisted of Chilli Fried Egg, Crispy Bacon, Pickled Slaw and Ranch Dressing on Warm Brioche Bun. First things first - both M and I were in agreement that the pickle had to come out (we are very picky!). The brioche was genius in all its soft and heavenly textures, with a slight crunch to each bite. The eggs were beautiful and oozed generously as I broke into it. The only thing to fault for me personally would be the ranch dressing - personally not the biggest fan but it didn't matter too much. The chilli and slaw gave the flavours an extra kick of tanginess to boot. Not bad!

The Narnies were also hotly anticipated by both M and I because it's quite a refreshing dish and we hadn't really seen it anywhere else before. Upon reading a few reviews beforehand, we decided to go for the Glazed Beef Brisket Narnie with Slaw and Gherkins, drizzled with Chipotle Mayo ($14). 

The texture of the Narnie bread is essentially like a thicker version of Naan but with an insanely soft and doughy consistency - all bread lovers will bow down in praise. Do note though, eating this will ensure a mess! The beef brisket was stunningly tender and packed full of flavour from the chipotle mayo. Each bite felt like it was melting in my mouth - so delicious! However it was a tad heavy for brunch I must say.

By then we were pretty full but we simply couldn't leave without a tad bit of a sweet touch. Interestingly enough the widely popular Grapefruit Donuts was nowhere to be seen at the counter but all good, we were keen on the Brownie anyway. Brownies=OUR BIGGEST WEAKNESS IN LIFE. No seriously, give me a brownie and I'll do anything.

The staff at Three Williams kindly microwaved the Brownie (upon my request) and this little beauty proved to be much more dense than it appears. Whilst the edges had a nice crispy crunch, both M and I felt that the innards were a bit too dry. It sort of tasted more like a muffin? The chocolate flavours however were still deliciously rich and satiated our sweet craving for the day.

Overall both M and I had a delicious feast at Three Williams - it definitely stands out amongst the wave of brunch/cafe places that have surfaced as of late. The coffee is brilliant and the menu offers some unique orders that sounds too good to bypass. The Narnies in particular and the Fish Croquettes were stand out dishes for me.

However as mentioned above, the food here does also seem to be a bit on the heavier side. So if you're into the typical eggs on toast with coffee for brunch, don't go crazy by ordering too much! By the end of our meal, we were stuffed - in a good way of course :)

I didn't get to take a close up picture but if you can see from this image below...towards the back of the cafe, there is a cool space for little kids to play and hangout, along with a blackboard wall. Three Williams is very family friendly and there's even a ramp on the side for parents who are coming with prams and strollers. Very considerate!

Careful not to walk right past though! Interestingly enough there is no actual signage or a text indicating Three Williams. However I am sure you won't miss it as the place is probably buzzing with people non stop!

Three Williams
613A Elizabeth Street
Redfern NSW 2016
02 9698 1111 

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