The Fish Shop

This is the third post in a row where I've reviewed a place near Potts Point and I must say it's been fun discovering all these new fun eats near where I work. Led by Executive Head Chef Jeremy Strode of Bistrode CBD, Fish Shop is a casual and quirky eatery in the heart of Potts Point, serving fresh seafood, cheeseburgers and the most amazing ice cream sandwich I have ever discovered.  

I love the interiors of this place, it makes me feel like I'm at the local fish and chips shop near the beach. The lovely blue and white hues adds to the warmth and coziness.

The menu ranges from fresh oysters to cuttlefish, snapper and scallops in addition to a daily specials menu with the best catches from the markets.

We start off with Fish Fingers with Tartare Sauce ($13) which were absolutely delightful. The external crunch to the fish fingers were amazing and the innards were searing hot with tender fish meat. Dip into tartare sauce for a refreshing boost in flavour.

M was so excited to try Dan's Famous Cheeseburger ($17), which came with some nice golden thick cut chips. To be honest the burger was a bit of a let down - it wasn't super special and in hindsight quite expensive for what it was.

The flavours were tasty and nicely balanced but as mentioned before, quite ordinary. Maybe Mary's has set our standards up too high?

My Linguine with Spanner Crab, Chilli and Bottarga ($29) was so delicious. Usually with these kind of pastas they tend to come off a bit dry and bland but here the flavours were spot on. The linguine was cooked perfectly to al dente and I enjoyed the mixture of flavours from the chilli and the sweet spanner crab meat. Portion size wasn't too big but quite decent if you don't want a heavy pasta main. Very tasty!

Now the highlight of the night was definitely the Ice Cream Sandwich & Salted Caramel ($9). This beautiful slice of heaven wasn't too big but enough to get you craving more. The biscuit on top was glazed with rich sticky caramel - don't fret, the decadence is nicely balanced with the vanilla ice cream in between. Each bite was deliriously divine. If you're the type of person who saves the biscuit side of Maxibons towards the end so that you can savour the goodness of would love this. I would go back just to order 2 of these. For myself. Obviously.

Overall the food wasn't too bad at Fish Shop however I must say the prices were way too expensive. The produce is nice and fresh and the flavours in the dishes were great but both M and I felt that we could've gotten the same thing elsewhere, cheaper.

Nevertheless, it was great to try out this place and service was very attentive.

The Fish Shop

22 Challis Avenue
Potts Point NSW 2011
02 9326 9000 

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