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Surry Hills is one of those places where it's impossible to not fall in love with...especially when you have a severe addiction to brunching and cosy cafes in general. Le Monde Cafe is another gem that M and I discovered, to our greatest delight and has become one of our favourite brunch spots so far. 

One thing I learnt is that timing and weather can play a huge role in the brunching experience as a whole. The day M and I arrived at Le Monde, it was freezing cold with sprinkles of rain here and there. This essentially intensified our hunger and anticipation for what's to come.

Upon stepping into the cafe, we were greeted by friendly staff and a warm cosy atmosphere. The place was buzzing with people despite the small space and we were happy to wait for a few minutes as our coffee orders were taken. It's also become common knowledge amongst cafes that a menu alone will not suffice - a chalkboard of some sort listing tempting and unique specials has become a prerequisite and is expected by us, the customers :P

I know I mentioned it was terribly chilly that day but ordering Iced Coffee ($6) has become a custom practice for M and I - after all it can say a lot about a cafe! This one ticked all the right boxes for us - it was nice and creamy but maintained the bitter coffee flavours that I liked and the extra topping of cocoa powder on top provided a sweet finish.

My Skim Cappuccino ($3.50) came nice and hot, and was perfect in all its caffeine glory.

My theory is, if there are no gooey eggs involved, brunch basically didn't happen. The Potato Rosti with Bacon, Spinach, Feta and Poached Egg, drizzled with Hollandaise Sauce and topped with Pistachio ($16) was a hearty feast that was also easy on the eyes. The egg was deliciously gooey and all the innards graciously poured over the tasty bacon pieces, potatoes and spinach to produce the ultimate bite. Loved it!

Note: Instead of bacon, you can also opt for smoked salmon.

M ordered the Special for the day which proved to be a very wise choice. The Pork Belly Sandwich with Roquette, Fried Egg and Chilli Mayonnaise on Brioche Bun ($13) was heaven. Absolute heaven. The pork belly was ultra succulent and flavoursome which married well with the perfectly fried egg and tasty mayonnaise dressing. The brioche bun also didn't disappoint, having been served hot and deliriously soft. Can you believe this was only $13? 

As it was so gloriously good, it deserves a second snap. Look at that egg ooze its juices out of the burger...

As mentioned before, Le Monde was buzzing with people and we can definitely see why!

Overall M and I LOVED our brunch experience at Le Monde and we have listed the place as one of our top 3 favourite spots. Not only does the food taste great, you also really get value for money. So many cafes these days charge ridiculous amounts for eggs and it's just not worth it but Le Monde really gives you bang for your buck. Quality food at an acceptable price! 

It's also great how there are so many additional dishes on offer apart from the menu staples, so you really do have a wide range of choices to choose from to satiate your breakfast/brunch/lunch needs. Highly recommend!

Le Monde Cafe

83 Forveaux Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9211 3568


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