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Venturing out to Surry Hills always excites me because this area is still relatively new for me and I have yet to tick off so many places in the area on my foodie bucket list. Mad Spuds Cafe is a lovely cosy cafe in the heart of Crown Street, and the ultimate go-to for spud lovers - naturally. If you're looking for a chilled brunch date with delicious breakfast classics, this place is fantastic! 

Just a note - if you want to order from the Baked Spuds Menu, arrive after 11am as that's when it starts! Otherwise the Breakfast and Lunch Menu has got you covered also.

The Iced Coffee ($6) ticked all the boxes for me - it wasn't overly bitter nor was it too sweet. The vanilla ice cream added a hint of creaminess to my much needed caffeine hit! 

M's Iced Mocha ($6) was also fantastic! Drizzled with chocolate powder and also topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the sweet blend of chocolate and coffee sought to create the ultimate mocha drink. Two thumbs up!

My Eggs Benedict ($12) with double smoked ham, free range poached eggs and baby spinach, served on English muffins was truly a delightful feast. First of all, I think $12 for this is beyond reasonable - you really do get bang for your buck. The poached eggs oozed gloriously upon one delicate poke and was divine when combined with the smoked ham and muffin. Mad Spuds definitely nailed this classic breakfast order!

The infamous Little Piggy ($15) is every bit as over-indulgent and decadent as it sounds. Think crispy bacon strips, feta, mozzarella, cheddar and sour cream topped onto two glorious baked spuds. M devoured this dish with absolute delight. I, on the other hand, found it to be a bit too bland because there was quite a lot of potato and not enough of sauce or bacon. Nevertheless, quite a unique dish!

NOTE: The potatoes are gluten free and come with a garnish of seven seed coleslaw.

How cute is the wall decoration? 

There are also Chef Specials so be sure to check them out too before ordering.
Love the board on spud facts! 

If coffee isn't your thing, you'll be happy to know that Mad Spuds serves fresh juice :)

Overall both M and I enjoyed Mad Spuds Cafe - the ambience was perfect for a casual Saturday brunch and the staff were so lovely and friendly. The cafe is actually quite small in space which is why it felt so cosy and warm. The food was also delicious and unlike many other places, not too expensive at all. The brunch cost us $39 in total - usually at other places, the bill can come to $60 on average. Not too bad at all! There are also quite a few parking spaces nearby, you just have to circulate the streets and I am sure you will find one in no time :)

Mad Spuds Cafe
479 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 9698 8108

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