Brewtown Newtown

I still can't believe how long it took before I finally checked out Brewtown Newtown - the Instagram and fellow food blogger approved brunch hot spot that's that's got everyone talking about Cronuts - both the savoury and sweet kind. Located within close distance to Newtown Station, this place is ultra cool and injected with that laid-back and chilled Newtown attitude, as you would expect.

For those of you who have followed my previous brunch posts, you would know that Iced Coffee and Iced Mocha is a standard order for M and I, especially when the weather is relatively warm. Unfortunately Brewtown Newtown did not get the tick of approval in these two categories - the Iced Coffee ($3.50) and Iced Mocha ($3.50) here was purely the hot liquid version topped with ice cubes, which was overly bitter before eventually turning bland and watery in taste. Then again, that explains the pricing. The good ones are usually $6 and filled with creamy ice cream.

M ordered the Elvis Burger which was essentially a Savoury Cronut with Ground Beef, Canadian Bacon, Gruyere and Mayo, served with Chips and Relish ($16.50). We were definitely intrigued as to what a savoury cronut would taste like, especially in burger style. 

One thing to note though, it was very difficult to eat this gracefully - despite using our hands. So the best method is to utilise the fork and knife to cut out each piece. The cronut texture was slighty odd when pieced with the meat and so M and I both agreed that whilst it was quite a creative idea, burgers still go best with the good old bread bun. 

A close up shot of all that cheese oozing everywhere...

I decided to go with a less heavy option for brunch. The Corned Beef Hash with Garden Peas, Poached Egg and Parmasan Crumbs ($15) was refreshingly light and fragrant. The beef hash was a bit tough but it was super flavoursome and went well with the hash and egg. The garden peas were a nice touch to the dish and overall it wasn't too bad.

Brewtown Newtown has a great vibe and even though it was a weekday, it was still buzzing with people. We wanted to try the sweet cronuts but it was sold out when we wanted to order it and we were far too impatient to wait 20 minutes for the next batch. Nevertheless as I have heard amazing things about it, I am sure I will return to try one next time! And perhaps go for a hot coffee instead :P

Brewtown Newtown
6-8 O'Connell Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9519 2920

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